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Dot 3 Bumpmapping example!

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If anyone wants to see dot 3 bumpmapping (that will be used in D3) in action here is a link to crytek's next generation engine where dot 3 bumpmapping is used!
http://www.crytek.de/hp/tce.htm(Note:it is all in english not german)

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Guest elyuca

ok, but how the hell do they do it?!?!?!?!

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1)Yes this is Perpixel Lightning used in this engine (that generally only GF2 based cards supports)
2)I can't answer u how do they do it but I can tell u that they just made an engine optimised for Geforce 2 Pipeline (it works with older geforces also)
3)There is also a test version availibale to download there (it was shown on ESTC 2000 and it is not interactive and I think only cards based on GF\GF2\Ultra\Pro\Mx chipsets will be able to run it)
I really liked the engine and imagine if this is the quality we are archieving now what will happen to Doom 3 engine which is only beginning it's LONG adventure!
And don't forget that the KING of engines is John Carmack!
Hope u enjoyed the test version of this engine as much as I did!

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