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i understand when people want there personal guns in computer games. its alright. its just that they wont fit into the real doom feeling.
but hey i wont kill anybody for writing an addon or a wad in which you can shoot with a sperm gun or whatever else.

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However, I can get a Russian SKS assault rifle and don't want one in Doom 3.

There's more to recall than just the old Doom feel, there's also the grim fact that Doom is placed hundreds of years into the future and weapons as we know them would be totally obsolete by that time.

The pistol should be the size of a Desert Eagle, most likely fire 10mm caseless rounds, and would have a switch on the side for semi-auto, 3 burst, and full auto. Clips would probably hold 15 rounds. It would also probably have a laser sight built in.

Shotguns would be all autoloading. Today in the military they use 12 gauge magnum shells, 3 inch long ones. Either that or M10 shotguns, which are very short barrelled 10 gauges. The kind of ammunition they use is only up to our imaginations! Considering I just posted a link to 12 gauge bolos, who knows? There would be at least Rifled Slugs for piercing armor, trauma inducing tack and jagged shrapnel inducing Flechette shots, and of course explosive rounds.

Machine guns this far into the future would be single barrelled, not cyclical, and they would fire as fast as you wanted them to. Ammunition for them would be like the 5.7x28mm ammunition of today. Little kickback, accurate, and armor piercing.

Grenades, like the 40mm grenades of today, probably wouldn't change all that much.

I would see rockets about five inches long and one inch around. They would be held in magazines of five and fired from a gun about the length of an M4A1. At it's end it would be about four inches tall. I see an electric eye under the firing barrel and an internal computer in this gun so the missles could aim. This makes much more sense than the rockets from Doom, but they might make the game a bit too easy unless the ammo is difficult to find.

I hope, if the Plasma Rifle returns, that it looks like it did in Doom and not like the faggy 'It's a boy!' one from Q3A.

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