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Some updates...

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1)There is an interview with Paul Jaquays here:http://www.nzgames.com/dc/
2)Some questions were sent by Quake3world to id and here are the answers they got:http://www.quake3world.com/views/teamarena.html
(it doesn't have anything to do with "The New Doom")
3)A little something to prove that "The New Doom" will have an entirely new tools (a post taken from Quake3world):
"Over the next few months I'll be bringing myself up to speed on the Doom tools (as they are built)"
Paul Jaquays
4)Here u can find some new bechmarks of Q3TA (after the demo issues were fixed):http://www.shugashack.com/funk.y?id=580882 (Robert Duffy sent them)
5)A little something about the new terrain in Q3TA maps:
The terrain comes from a handful of
changes to the editor, the compiler and yes, to the engine (but more to the game code, I think), that together allow for a different handling of surfaces in the game.
I've just completed a relatively extensive "manual" on how to use the new features ...
including a lot of tips and suggestions. When we get the new tools and source out
there (it will happen, honest!), the manual should be a part of it.
Paul Jaquays

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Guest elyuca

If they make a fifth one, what would they call it?

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Guest sGtSKidZo

I liked Duke 3D.
Duke A Time To Kill sucked big time.
And Forever is never getting finished.
That reminds me.
After the Diakatana catastrofe the rumor was spread that Eidos is now for sale.
For those who don't know Ion Storm is owned by Eidos.
Oh yeah, the new Tomb Raider game sucks big time.
Well, actually they all do.

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Guest elyuca
Shaviro said:

Duke Nukem Forever and Ever!

Bah. Duke Sucks....

No, I mean sice the names go in numerical order, 3drealms has also given duke names to gith the number. (if you havent noticed this, go back to the cave you came from) And they go like this:
1. Duke Nukem
2. Duke Nukem II
3. Duke Nukem 3D (get it?, THREE-D)
4. Duke Nukem Forever (get it?, 4-ever)

So my question was that if they made a fifth installment what would the name be? Maybe "Duke Nukem: Pentagon Wars" (get it? Penta=5) Ok maybe that name was gay, but you get my point.

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deadnail said:

That's good news.

Sometimes I wonder if 3DR is still really working on Duke Nukem Forever. Good name for that damn game!


GoD-Games is doing the publishing-stuff for DN4-ever... I just read it on a Dutch game-site... It's on www.gamers.nl

But hey... It's in Dutch... So probably you can't read it anyways... They think the game will come out somewhere in 2001...

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