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Guest smoke

new doom weapons

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Guest smoke

I kinda agree that there should be some more weapons but just a couple, put in as suprises or something. Maybe like you could have a weapon where you can just an severed imps fireball throwing arm.
I do think maybe alternate firing modes should be in but as long as it makes sense for the weapon to have an alternate firing mode.

I really do think the sucess in doom lies from it's simplicity. I mean, for me it is really great to be able to circle strafe and gib and imp with my fist, and again to a few more imps hehe

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There isn't really much point in simply remaking Doom with a fancy engine and graphics. For that we have the source ports.

It needs to be something special. The FPS genre has evolved a LOT over the past seven years or so, and the new game really needs to reflect that, and knowing ID, it will.

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I'd agree here. Doom1/2 were great because of their simplicity, sure, but Doom3 will not be the same, and I'd personally like to see an even stronger horror/fear element. I can still remember the fear when I first heard a hell baron roar. Yikes, I almost ran away.

The realistic lighting we've heard about is definately a step in that direction, I think.

So I'm willing to speculate about weapons for Doom3, but I think they need to do more than just re-work the originals and add a few more. They need to suit them to the game style, and I think that game style will be more complex than Doom1, less mindless. If we want mindless, we can play Q3A. Doom3 should hopefully involve cunning and ammo conservation a bit more (maybe aiming too), as well as actual fear.

The only game I've played recently which has made me jump has been SWAT 3, because unless you react fast, and react well, you are dead then and there, and you have to think on your feet, and be one step ahead of the opposition. I'm hoping Doom3 will push me in the same way.

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Go play Jdoom or DoomLegacy for that... we need DOOM III to have the kick ass atmosphere of Half-Life and the good old feeling of DOOM not DOOM II it sucked balls..

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Weapons Sets and Quantities:

Quantity 1:
4 weapons only (sucks badly, wolfenstein used it [or maybe 5])

Quantity 2:
4 weapons, multiple character classes with differet types (hexen, sucks)

Quantity 3:
6 weapons, different kinds from different places (DeusEx, sucks still)

Quantity 4:
7-9 weapons (doom, quake 2, quake 3, etc.), it is good, but not good enough.

Quantity 5:
10+ weapons w/o alternate fire (good, but do they need alt. fire)

**Quantity 6**:
15+ weapons, all with alternate fire (this is my choice).


Weapons Set 1:
Medieval weaponry (heretic/hexen, sucks badly)

Weapons Set 2:
Standard bullets, some explosives, basicially modern-day stuff (immoral conduct weapons mod has this [except for some energy rayguns on #9]) it sucks, bullets get tiring after awhile. The goldeneye TC shares this setup as well.

Weapons Set 3:
Doom-type setup. Misc Bullet weaponry, some explosives, and some "energy" guns. It's good.

**Weapons Set 4**:
Some bullet weapons, explosive weapons, and lots of "energy" weapons (including melee-based). I like this one because it has to have much more eye-candy than the other ones. I beleive that Turok came close to this, but not quite.

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Eurhetemec said:

In fact, fear is what DooM was about.
The first time i saw a Baron of Hell back in E1m8, i turned off the PC. Only after 3 hours passed I wnet back and finished the episode.

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Yeah, thos guys are cool (::saying in a bevis & butt-head manner::), hehe, hehe, hehehe.

I blew those guys down like an old rotten door. I mean, hey I had lots of rockets. It was those damn spectres that were my pain in the ass, about killed me when they (unexpectidly of course) got right in front of my rocket launcher.

My DeathTC may have a replacement for him with a really badass list of sounds to match (Shambler from quake1 sounds and maybe even the shambler, retouched of course with different abilities and tutti-futti... uh nevermind).

Yeah, I didn't turn my computer off, I just ran waaay the fuck back into one of those corners in the level and killed the invisible creeps.

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