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John Carmack on Directx 8

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Taken from the article about developers about Directx 8 from Voodooextreme:

As a developer, do you see any real advantages with DirectX 8, over DirectX 7, or even 6? Many people immediately think that they'll see a speed improvement with a new DirectX release, is thisever the case? Is it more just new features rather than performance? Also, what's your take on T&L? Has it lived up to the hype?

John Carmack, id Software -- There are some specific driver paths in DX8, like rendering to textures,that are more optimized, but in general, people should not expect to see noticable performance boosts when upgrading to a new DX version. In most well written apps, little time is spent in the microsoft code, and almost all of the time is in the vendor specific driver.

The cool parts of DX8 are the new features, but until NV20 ships, all they get you are software emulated versions.

As a long time supporter of OpenGL, how much closer does DirectX 8 come at winning you over completely (possibly favoring it over OpenGL)? Along those lines, what would you need to see implemented to win you over (if you are still more of an OpenGL person)?

I just got back from the two day Windows Graphics Summit, telling everyone over and over exactly what I want to see in the future. My biggest concern is influencing the direction that hardware takes,but I'm not dogmatic about the possibility of using a future version of DX.

However, DOOM is still 100% OpenGL.

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The man´s right, DX performance is (as expected) more a Hardware thing than a software-related one.

I sincerely believe that DirectX is the only thing that Microsoft ever coded well.

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It is sucking less as time goes on isn't it? It WAS quite horrible at the start however as many people could probably tell you.

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