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Situations in the new game

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I'm sure you remember the first time you saw the dimly lit room in E1M3, where you can see a keycard on a pedestal. At that point you'd yet to see exactly what can happen in Doom, and jumped out your skin when the lights went out, a wall opened and a hoard of Imps started tearing you to pieces.

Of course now, we've seen it all before, or have we? As I've said before, the new game needs to have some really cool situations that will really scare the player senseless, although of course this time it will all be done with scripts. I'd really like to see some ideas people have for this, but first, here's a couple of my own:

1) You're deep in hell, when you come across a huge marble palace. You manage to find a wooden door into the place, with blood seeping underneath. Opening the door, you see the bodies of dozens of torn and battered marines lying scattered around the place; obviously a huge battle has taken place here. Suddenly, you hear the sound of gun-fire; the battle's still going on!

You open a nearby door, just in time to see three or four marines shooting away at ol' Cybie. Wow, some friends, you think. Then Cybie gibs 'em.

2) You're in an apparently abandoned mineshaft. Cobwebs flutter in the wind, and water occassionally drips down from the ceiling. You feel the floor move slightly. What the heck was that?

Cautiously, you continue down the cramped corridor, which gradually begins to widden out. The ground shakes again, this time more violently. An earthquake?

Suddenly, the wall infront of you explodes, with rubble flying around you and dust getting into your eyes, temporarily blinding you. All around you, you can hear demonic roars, and when you finally get your sight back, you see a wall of demons rushing towards you...

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Im sure the new DooM will be full of this fear effect scenes. I hope that iD find a way to avoid the classical "Uh, oh, i stepped into something, lights go off, secret door opens, demons attack me". That kind of things have no meaning in today FPSs. What are doing enemies hidden in that little room?

What i would like to see is more of this kind of ideas, but add into account the new lighting system.

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I think it would be a good thing to prey upon the expectations of veteran Doomers. For example, a room with a powerful weapon (rocket launcher or BFG9000) with a bunch of closed doors in the walls. Being a veteran Doomer, you'd expect that the moment you take the weapon, the doors will open to reveal a bunch of monsters. Hesitantly you take the weapon, spin around and prepare to blow a Cacodemon full of plasma.
Nothing happens.
Puzzled, you turn around and leave the room -- and that's when the doors open and the screams of Barons of Hell make a chill run down your spine =)

Remember one of Levelord's rules of map design: Think Deviously.

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Guest Ahab

I think that that would be cool, Flathead. Or say you are in some abondoned-base type level and you see a dead marine with a rocket launcher next to him. And then you go forward to pick it up, and when you do, the seemingly innocent looking wall behind you gives way to a horde of demons!! Put this kind of situation in a dark room, and add Doom3's new engine and this would be pretty scary-don't you think?

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