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cyber daemon mk.2 in d3?

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as most people who have played Doom will know, the cyber demon is piss easy to defeat if you have a decent weapon and know haow to strafe, so perhaps it would be a could idea to make and enhanced version of him, like the mk.2 cyber demon or something, that has multiple weapons like the tank in q2, or one whose rockes are a bit faster and therefore more lethal.

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The cyber demon is piss easy so long as you have enough ammunition and some room to swing around him.

I would like to see a much more animated cyber demon this time around. Much faster and more skilled, capable of trapping you and otherwise using the terrain to his advantage.

It'd also be nice if he'd stomp the little enemies that got near him instead of just shooting them pont blank.

It's still just natural thinking that all of the enemies that make a return will be greatly enhanced versions. We've talked about this before, in good detail too.

Just curious, but thanks for the insults after my Doom movie post. So, Star Commander didn't have a story but Doom did?

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