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Doom 3 official add-ons

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Okay, I was thinking. There's bound to be various "official" add-ons made for the new Doom, just as there are for just about every FPS made these days.

I see these add-ons as going one or two main routes:

1) Set during the normal game, ala HL: Elite Force and both the Quake 2 add-ons.

2) Set after the normal game, ala both the add-ons for Quake 1.

They might even make one BEFORE the normal game, but then again, that would probably be considered "too original" :)

As well as this, whoever's making the add-ons will have to consider who the player will control. Obviously if you go with route 1) it can't be the Doom guy, and they might not want it to be him even with 2).

So you could either have another marine, or a civilian or something, or one of the Hellspawn. I'd personally love to see an add-on where you run around as an Imp, using a mixture of Hellish magic (obviously you'd start off with Imp fireballs and the claw) and human weapons that have been corrupted by Hell's influence on them.


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I´ll definitely want to see mission packs. Much like HL ones. In wich you play different roles as the original game involves.

I´ll love to see a mission pack where you play as a civilian, trying to survive the apocalipsys. Or another one where you act as an Imp, or an enemy a little more "smart".
The Imp doens´t know how to handle weaponry. Perhaps another kind of creature. You could walk among the daemons, but you should avoid contact with the Cybies, cause they would probably kill you just for fun.

I wan´t to feel the differences as much while playing different species in AvP

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