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Doom 3

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In all of my few postings, I don't think I've actually said anything that I wish was in Doom 3. Basically anything I say will be replied to with a "Damn it, check the previous posts!" sort of message... oh well. So I may be reiterating a few things... so sue me.

What I want to see in Doom 3 is:

A.)A hellish atmosphere. Something that'll scare the bejesus out of me. I want to see enemies that, at first glance, will make me think "Oh crap..."

B.)Decent puzzles, but nothing to detract from hectic gameplay. Doom 64's puzzles were pretty good... I like that sort of thing. If puzzles like that were injected into Doom 3, I would be happy.

C.)A hellish soundtrack. None of this Sonic Mayhem-style Quake crap. I know Reznor's gonna do the soundtrack. But I want him to make the soundtrack creepy. I want to be scared just by LISTENING to it.

That's all I need to be happy with the game. I'm not worried about graphics... the gameplay and atmosphere are the main thing. If it has the basic Doom atmosphere, then it is a worthy Doom sequel.

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Guest ZombiZ

Yeah, it's a re-hash of what people have said (Just check my post I moved to Lord FlatHead's page), I'll say that, but it catches the important things by the nuts. Doom should be a scary game. But How? No one seems terribly interested in saying just how.

Maybe id can pull it off without help. Seeing the enemies in full 3D might just do that to you. Maybe three-dimensional incarnations of the Doom 64 characters with greater (much) texture detail. Maybe it's this lighting American McGee is raving about. Throw the two together, and you just might have it.

Or can they? Can people still be frightened by games? People were once scared shitless by Wolfenstein 3D. Now we consider the game boring because there's no real detail and squat for character interaction. And yet, I still play SiN. Plenty of character interaction that just sucks you right in- and it'll get even better for me when my 128Meg module comes in via Price Watch and I don't have to wait a minute and a half for the game to stop swapping. I got a little bit of that "in-game" fear back with AvP (non Gold) for a while, but it faded all too quickly. In the end you're staring at a 14" monitor hoping you can break 60fps in max detail.

"HOW"? How can we still be excited- God willing scared, by the new Doom?


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To tell the truth, iD should focus VERY, VERY strong in the sound department.
Yeah, I know, I´m nuts.
Think for a moment...

Grab the most hideous looking, freaky scary game you have. Turn off the sound. It feels ridiculous. Now, turn off the light, grab a pair of headphones, and crank the volume so high that each gunshot hurts (as it should be). The effect is magnified a 600%.

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ZombiZ said:

As far as the "how?" factor, that's for id to figure out. Doom 64 was pretty close to what I was talking about, as far as I'm concerned... it was pretty close to my ideal Doom... except that it wasn't 3D. Then again, if it were, they may not be able to have a lot of monsters on screen at once....

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