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Maybe new ideas. I dunno.

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Ages ago, when Doom had like, just come out, myself and a couple of friends wanted to make a game similar (But hey - didn't everyone?) and we started to jot down on paper all the ideas for this game, which was to be called 'Necros' (The world of the dead, or something).

We had a lot of new ideas in that, many of which haven't been emulated by today's FPS. I thought I'd share some with you, and see if you'd think Doom3 would be cool with them.

Basically, the mouse+WSAD layout with SPACE as jump, freelooking (Of course) and crouching was to be done with BOTH strafe keys, the reason being that crouching reduces the player's height, basically, so there should be a price - severely limited movement.
Also, JUMP can be used in conjunction with CROUCH, to DIVE, either forwards, or backwards (To fake one's death). Diving forwards into water would surely impress friends in DM? It would certainly provide a forward boost to aid swimming.
Also USE button to hold onto monsters, as well as the usual (More below).

Monsters are territory-based. They won't attack just because they see you, but need GENUINE provocation. Like, moving in on the female (!).
Certain monsters would have different characteristics. The ones that use a bite attack would be interestied in you as food, therefore will even attack your corpse. If an enemy does not see you as food (Doesn't bite you) then you can fool it into thinking it's vanquished you, and will return to it's territorial guard. SSG to the back!
HOLDING onto monsters (Mentioned above) can cause disorientation. Very risky, but getting one monster to headshot the other, just because you've taken hold can be an effective strategy.
Also, certain monsters, mostly those smaller than the player, will not attack openly, but lie in wait. Wehn you're injured, they'll attack in packs, the scavengers!
Certain monsters don't like certain sounds - the high-pitched squealing of an energy weapon can send certain monsters fleeing.
Some monsters EAT other monsters. Theire territories are purposely far from each other, but getting a monster to follow you into another's territory could win a battle for you.

And that's all I can remember from, like years back. Hell, I was only small!

And, id software, after reading this post and realising Doom3's development NEEDS me, my address is to the left. Heh heh heh, we all have dreams...

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Guest ZombiZ

Hey Guys! New Ideas! New Ideas! Examine Carefully!:

No profanity! No Ninja Stars or Exploding Barbie Dolls! No personal attacks!

[Running into the night screaming wildy]

NEW Ideas!...

new ideas!

... aaaarrrrggghh!

Honestly, this is a startling developement, could it be the start of a trend? I certainly hope so. Please check my own article that I pulled from DoomWorld a while ago at Lord FlatHead's site at http://www.geocities.com/lordflathead

My post refers mostly to the technical aspects of the New Doom, but there is a story to it and a few other things. Please check it out.

Everyone, please give Jayextee your praise, at long last, someone else knows how to use the forum. We are few of many.



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Seriously, that would be very interesting. They should adapt each enemy AI to define "personality" beyond lookings and animations.

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Guest Lament

Actually idea of monsters really EATING each other (or yourself, for the matter) is just fucken great. If only ID could do that. Damn, i'm awestruck. Great idea :)

Just imagine a demon ripping baron's corpse with it's teeth,
splattering blood all around, tearing out pieces of flesh...

It would require a whole new particle sistem though. I doubt even id can do that.

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Fuck, that would be scary. I vote for that one! id could do it if they tried, there are ways, and besides, you don't need to be totally realistic. Sound-effects and blood-covered jaws/teeth and the whole "eating" animation will do 90% of the work. Very little actual eating will need to be shown.

Eating is REAL scary though, I mean, see "Dawn of the Dead", the uncut verion. Euuuughh! There's some serious horrific eatage in that.

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