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Xmas stuff (long post)

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Doom 3 briefly mentioned in one paragraph somewhere near the bottom :)

I got my new computer, I can't believe how good it is compared to my crappy old one. Hopefully I'll be replacing my Voodoo 3 2000 with something more powerful too. Probably as soon as my next university loan installment comes through :) I think it's something like the first week in January...

Anyway, I've tried out Unreal, Voyager: Elite Force and System Shock 2 so far, both in 1024x768 with detail to max, and they're faster than they were on the old system in 512x384 with medium detail!

The SB Live! is also one heck of a lot better than my shitty old SB 16, I didn't realise until now that MIDI could sound so good. 8 meg Wavetable baby, yeah! :) Although it slightly spoiled by me having to borrow my brother's old hifi-system, along wih a single speaker, as my (very nice indeed) own system is back in my room at uni.

One annoying thing, I got a bloody windows keyboard, and it's just so annoying. Where the heck did the space above the up cursor go? And when I try to run with shift, I keep hitting the bloody Fs key. If I don't get used to it, I may just ask for the old keyboard back :)

Oh yeah, my brother's building another computer out of stuff salvaged over the years, so we'll now have no less than five computers: the family one (in the living room), my brother's (in his room), the network hub (in a filing cabinet on the upstairs landing), a work computer (which will be in my room while I'm at uni but bunged away somewhere when I'm here) and my one.

Our family got our first PC about 13 years ago, and we've been collecting crap ever since. As well as those five computers, there's all kinds of crap in my brother's room (he's the resident hardware wizard) and in the attic.

But... I guess I should say something about Doom 3. Well, I now have what will hopefully be the minimum spec for it (minus the 3D card), so upgrading won't be quite so much an issue. As I mentioned a while back, I will probably be in some money by then anyway though :)

Also, when I came here I figure there would be hardly any posts today as everyone's with their family, but there actually seems to be more. WTF? =p Oh yeah, before you say anything, everyone here except me has already gone to bed, so I have an excuse.

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Congrats for your new specs. Im still waiting a couple of months more to upgrade my machine(s).
Man, today´s hardware gets crappy really fast. And I won´t recommend you checking the hardware news. Those next-gen artifacts really put to shame whatever you have today.

The SB Live! is probably the best thing I ever bought just for fun. I highly recommend activating Enviromental Audio, using the "Generic" or "Alley" presets (whatever with 40% of Reverb will do fine). One note, unload that damn Creative Navigation Bar. The mouse acts weirdly with that shit activated.

Speakers. In my opinion, there´s nothing better than a good set of headphones. You can play any noisy game with max volume at 3.00 AM and no one will hear you. But if you like speakers, you can grab those Cambridge Studios (4 speakers + Bass) at $80.

Microsoft Keyboard -> BAD
I still got a 1990 keyboard, that´s when the board and the keys were made of a top quality plastic, and not this crappy material.

There´s a couple of posts today. You know, in my family we don´t really party the 25, but the 24...

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Another, completely unrelated thing. A while back Deadnail (I think it was him anyway) posted a really weird e-mail he got. Well, this one is even weirder:

From: <jlklkjk_5192@msn.com>
Subject: ..


BTW Doomboy take note: Two unrelated things in one thread! Yes, it is possible!

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Guest micpp

Oh yeah, that reminds me. Where can I get an MT-32?

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