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Mod research series. #1: doomed2frag beta1

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I decided to make a small series of short reviews, featuring Quake3Arena modifications which have some interesting points for our Doom3 discussions in matters of gameplay, weapons, special features etc.
Why Q3A? Well, it´s my favorite multiplayer game at this time and I´ve collected tons of custom maps, mods and so on. And it is of course id software´s last game before he new Doom game, although it seems that some of you don´t like Q3A.

To make a good start I will today review a mod which is explicit related to Doom:

The 1st beta version of the deathmatch mod ´DOOMED2FRAG´ by the Riley brothers,
page: http://endtimemods.cjb.net/d2findex.htm

"D2F (doomed2frag) is a Quake3 mod designed with the purpose
of bringing the adrenaline pumping, visceral experience of
DOOM2 Deathmatch to Quake3 with a few nods to features from
more recent games." (readme)

The standard Q3A weapons are replaced with 7 old school Doom1/2 weapons, 2 more are in development to replace all the weapons in the final version:

1. Chainsaw (replacing gauntlet). Same damage as gauntlet. The weapon model is good, but bad animated, with constant slow moving chain and no hit animation (but don´t forget, this is only version beta1!)

2. Pistol (start weapon, replacing machinegun). This weapon looks like one of the guns from deadnail´s homepage, and although I normally hate boring realistic designs, this one really is a cute little thing! Good model and skin. Fire rate and damage almost the same as the old Doom pistol.

3. Single Barrelled Shotgun (replacing the grenade launcher). Similar to the Doom shotgun, black metal and wooden stock, but with realistic proportions, so the barrell looks very slim from the players view. Not a good design in my opinion.

4. Double Barrelled Shotgun (replacing Q3 shotgun). Again pretty similar to the original Doom db, long reload time and higher spray and damage then sb shotgun.

5. Gatling Gun (replacing railgun). This is a very cool weapon model! Looks nicer then the original chaingun, with slim, seperated barrells, it looks like an elegant, smaller version of a minigun. Damage/rate of fire same as the original Doom chaingun.

6. Rocketlauncher (replacing Q3 rocketlauncher). Not much to say, but the new model needs a better skin.

7. Plasma Rifle (replacing plasma gun). Again almost the same as the original Doom plasma rifle, but the model and skin are ugly and the sound is the weak Q3 pg sound (hope they will change this in the next version).

-Not replaced yet: lightning gun and BFG.

The doomed2frag mod creators managed to replace the standard Q3 weapons in a very clever way, so that you are able to play every Q3 map (id and costum) without limitation. For example the pistol model replaces in fact the railgun model, which is now the start weapon, and the gatling gun replaces the the machinegun model, but is during the game available at the places where normally the railgun used to be (hard to explain, but it works).

Further gameplay features: The physics in D2F are changed to make it similar to the Doom physics. That means you are really, really fast...the same speed you had when pressing the "shift" key in Doom1/2. But because you normally have the "always run" option enabled in Q3A, you are in high speed whole the time...and it can even get worse, because the Q3 "haste" powerup is still available in D2F, so you can run with rocket speed....this sometimes was a bit too much for me when playing this mod :)


First of all D2F is a good lesson to learn that the original Doom1/2 weapons don´t do it anymore. The absence of a grenade launcher weapon, for example, shows you how important this type of weapon for vertical gameplay is, old Doom, where you couldn´t look up or down, had almost horizontal gameplay. It´s nice to have the two shotguns again, the plasma gun and this really cool gatling gun, but Doom3 needs more weapons with different abilities to have challenging gameplay. Most people of course already know that, but still there are some guys who want "exactly the same weapons" again. Play this mod, and you hopefully will learn, that this is nice, but avarage, and Doom3 just has to be (and will be) much better.

The second thing usefull for the Doom3 discussion: Player speed...
If you fly arround with the Doom shift-key-speed whole the time it will be too much and maybe end with a heart attack. But on the other hand I want to have the ability to run Doom-fast some time.
So, what I want for Doom3 is 3 different player speeds:

1. Run (with "always run" option enabled in the default configuration): At least the Q3A run speed, or even a bit quicker (I most like the Quakeworld run speed).

2. Sneak: Useful in different situations, as we discussed many times there should aslo be monsters which react to your foot setps etc. Also in addition to this the "lurk arround the corner" option in Soldier of Fortune was very usefull.

3. Run very fast: Bring the original run Doom speed back, but maybe only for a shorter time period (like in Tomb Raider).

Please feel free to comment on this, it was quite a bit work for me writing the whole stuff down with my strange german accent ;)

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Guest JudgeDooM

I've already played this mod a few days ago. It's cool. The new maps it adds are also cool

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Yes, the three maps included are very fine, but they weren´t made especially for D2F, nor do they have something to do with Doom. "Old School" for example is inspired by Quake´s "A Bad Place".

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