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Speaking of time...

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This idea didn't get any reaction when I posted it as a reply, so I've changed it into a new post to see if I can get at least some reaction. And if the idea is bad, at least let me know that much.
>> Hell, there's an idea (and I don't think it's been posted in a while either)! Doom 3 should have some sort of time progression to give a better feel of what the marine is going through. A lot of you have shown interrest in bringing forth a new marine so that the memory of the original isn't tainted, so I'll present this under the assumption that such is the case.
In an instant everything that you knew was shattered. Creatures that you never thought could exist, and places you never imagined... that should never have been real... like a river coming at you after the flood gates gave way... how do they expect you to handle this? The sun slowly fades into the distance as a chill runs down your spine. A few hours ago you were laughing it up with your buddies... the ones still alive will probably never laugh again. "A few of them actually came back alive. Not for long, though. Whatever they saw did something to them. I hear that a few of them burst open after a few days..." The words of a few officers you overheard speaking fill your mind as you sit under the cover of some peices of metal that were blasted off the wall in one of the first confrontations, and you wait... wait for a chance to move again. The darkness is complete now. Dark... silent... alone. But not for long. You hear padded footsteps in the distance... and soon more of them. Soon you can see what appear to be eyes flickering in the shadows. But it... it can't be... eyes aren't supposed to do that...

Four days... a long four days... and what to show for it? Everyday you spend wasting away here... their forces are gathering. As far as you know you are the only one left. If you aren't... well, it's no use thinking like that. It's not like it matters at this point. Depending upon someone else would be like walking right into a group of those... things. There is no excuse for letting the ose things live.. . anything, ANYTHING that moves... they aren't going to take you. But it's alright... in one more day this storm will pass, and then you can get a clear signal to HQ. Yes... let's see how they'll like the fireworks you have planned...
It's been a week since they destroyed the comm equipment. The storm has risen again, and so even if you could repair the equipment... It's pointless now... so pointless... so, so pointless... so many of them... and more each day... flooding through those pads. One tried to get on the portal, and another was coming in... he he he... they had two heads and one body, and BOOM! He he he he ha ha HA HA! Shhhh. Have to be quiet don't we... but if the big one... if the big one falls... it would be worth it... and we could scream and laugh all we want. Yes... we'll kill the big one...
Ok, basically what I'm getting at here is, well, a number of things. The invasion theme has been a constant in the previous two Dooms, so why not use the effects of a time passage to show the growth of an army of demons. Another thought is that the demons will be at certain places at certain points during the day. You can choose to take the almost suicidal stance of blasting through a heavily guarded area, or you can wait till the demons guarding the place go off in search of food or something similar. Likewise, certain demons may prefer to stay inside during the day, where they would have the advantage of the human's limited sight capabilities (you can't see well in the dark). But at night, things get much more hectic if you are walking around care free. Time can be used to show the slow loss of sanity, as I failed to show in my example. Or, to make each time you play the game unique, have scripted sequences based on time and day so that you don't see everything (there may even be two or three events at the same time to make sure things stay original). Your ability to see these events is left up completely to luck and your being in the right place at the right time. I'm sure that there are more ways to use time, so what are your ideas? <<

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I had a long reply to this... but my machine locked up. I´ll probaly rewrite the stuff for another topic.

Anyway it was based on a great idea your material gave me. I´m really hoping that DooM3 show us certain parts like the one you did.

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Guest Johnny Kaos

I'll waste my time replying but not reading it.
I hope we dont have a test over this.

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