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deadnail is a dumb arse

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There ,I said it and now I feel strangly better...Oh,shit! have to write something doom3 or the power-mad dead nail will shit himself and delete this..erm,how about this-there is a weapon in d3 that allows you to enter and control the mind of a daemon (the bigger/tougher the enemy is the more ammo/time you have to find/charge it up for).I think it would be cool, roaming around as a baron BUT if the monster you inhabite is destroyed then you die as well as your brain cannot cope with the mental shock of death or something (see 'the matrix').

Haha in your face 'bucko'

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Guest PFCGray

I actually had a similar thought of that idea. I've always fantasized about cheats that don't let you posess the demon but actually make you become the demon itself. An advantage of this is that the same kind of enemy won't hurt you. The drawback is that you only have one weapon, but if you were the cyberdemon, that wouldn't be bad at all! Just blow you're enemies away! Another drawback is that you would be as slow as hell (unless you set the game to fast monsters).

These were to codes I fantasized about:
idpri- private
idser- sergeant
idcom- commando
idimp- the name says it all
iddem- demon
idspe- spectre
idsou- lost soul
idcac- cacodemon
idkni- hell knight
idbar- baron of hell
idara- arachnotron
idele- pain elmental
idrev- revenent
idman- mancubus (not back into a marine)
idarc- archvile
idspi- spider mastermind
idcyb- cyberdemon
idori- turn back into a marine ("ori" short for original or origin)

Again these are not cheats I'm suggesting for the game, they're just something I thought were real but I guess not.

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I hope that as well as Demons in Doom3 there will be Ghouls

Because, as we all know, Demons are a Ghouls best friend :))

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Guest Doom4Ever

i remember when i very first played doom way back in 3rd grade there was this kid who told me all the cheats. later he told me there was a cheat someone told him that allowed you to play as the spider mastermind and i belived him. he refused to tell me cause he said that the kid who told him would beat him up if he told anyone, but i was determined. eventually he told me how to do it. he said to type idmonsterlives111. so i go home and try it and it doesnt work. so i keep tryng over and over again and it never worked. boy did i feel stupid.

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Guest RTC Marine
PFCGray said:

some gay ass bastard back in my old school lied to me, he said that "idu" was supposed to give you hand grenades, i tried & i tried but it didn't work, so i gave the kid a hiding & a wedgey >:)>

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the-widow-maker said:

(see 'the matrix')

OH THE HORROR!! Don't remind of that painful experience ever again!

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please stop posting here, your ideas are moronic and you have been playing to many shit games, play more doom so you can get an idea of its style. You are suggesting stuff that would belong in a game like Duke3D or an action RPG. Doom is a game where you simply kill monsters, you dont fuck around with there minds and there arent hidden gags.

I got an idea! how about a gun that kills demons?

When are you going to realize that you are the dumbass here?

/me fucks the-widow-maker's mother in the arsehole

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