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BACK TO HELL... for everyone?!

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Hey Doomers,
As surely a lot of you know, we at Orbit Interactive (www.newdoom.com/orbitint) have started another new Project called "Back to Hell" and is created by YOU! Sounds strange? It isn't! We give you a huge Resource WAD with:
-Ambient Sounds
..and you create a level on these resources! They are really large, believe me! There are a huge amount of quality Textures from a lot of Texture Designers (for example NiGHTMARE)!
Here are some important Rules:
-The Level must be Doom, Boom or ZDoom compatible! (ZDoom 1.23 allowed!!!!!!)
-You are allowed to create a Mapinfo + Sky (only if ZDoom!!!)
-You are allowed to create a new Midi Music or Screamtracker!
-You have to use only the included Textures, Flats and Ambient Sounds...

So go to www.newdoom.com/orbitint , download the Resource Wad and start your work TODAY!

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