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Guest PFCGray

Forget it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Guest PFCGray

Ummmmmmmmmmmm.........all that crap just to play Doom 3 IS goddam ridiculous!!!!!! It's just a game!!!!!!!!! Why need all that????? I don't have the money to make an upgrade like that!!!!! And even if I did, it would be such a waste!!!!!!!!!

BTW, PFCGray is short for PFC Grayson, one of the unimportant characters in the first novel (which all you guys hate). On that subject, I didn't get the books hoping they would be exactly like the game, I was just looking for something to read, that's all. Oh, and whoever made that comment about the novels being good if you have the intellectual capacity of an 8th grader, I'll have you know I was IN 8th grade when I first read them! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! I will admit though, they did get completely off the game somewhat starting in the second one........but I still liked them all! Then again, that's just my taste.

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