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Hey PCFGray...

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Would've been nice if you didn't lock replies.

Anyhow I'd also like to mention that I don't quite agree with Elyuca on the system requirements a whole lot... I have a feeling they're going to be a whole lot higher.

I'd say 700-900 Mhz processor range, which isn't so expensive.
Probably 128 megs of ram minimum, which is dirt cheap right now.

The real things that have been snagging everyone when every iD came out since Q2 are video cards, and they're always coming out with new ones every spring and fall.

My opinion? For right now, a GeForce2 MX will get you by. It's twice as fast as a Voodoo 3 and you can order one offa pricewatch.com for under $100.

Anyone who goes out and drops $500 on a friggin' GeForce 2 Ultra is, in my humble opinion, a fool. Simple as that.

Let's assume that the GeForce 3 has tile based rendering as well as all the features John Carmack has been asking for.

The GeForce 3 MX will run circles around a GeForce 2 Ultra, most likely. Tile based rending will make a humongous difference.

You shouldn't spend more than $150 for your video card, TOPS. Why? In six months another big flashy monster will come out twice as fast as yours and you'll feel like an idiot for not waiting.

There's even a simple way to make video cards CHEAPER but no one is going to listen to me. Redesign the AGP slot so that the memory DIMMS are closer to it. You guessed it, the video card and the motherboard draw from the same RAM pool. RAM is cheap, but there's no reason to be buying it over and over.

This is what nVidia is doing with the 25 in the XBox. The system has a total of 64 megs of ddr memory that the whole system utilizes. I think this is a brilliant idea.

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Read my reply in the engine thread first (not the flaming one, the other one), but having said what I said there, expecting a game that's not coming out for another two years to run on a system that's extremely crap now is not exactly very realistic thinking.

However, until this thread appeared RTC_Marine seemed to think that Doom 3 would run on his 266 computer. Sorry but... ROTFL.

And rereading PFCGray's comments in the original post in the thread, it sounds like he thought that the new game would run in a slightly enhanced version of the original Doom engine or something. Ummm... no.

By the way guys, look at the way computer prices are droping all the time. A 700 mhz system isn't likely to cost very much in a couple of years time, especially if the current battle between AMD and Intel continues.

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Isn't that the second time you said that?

Well I went back and read your post. Smaller than I expected but point taken.

Also, have you noticed the prices on systems as of RIGHT NOW, not just guessing a few years down the line? You can get a complete Gigahertz Thunderbird system for around $500! Just the processsor is $171, which is incredibly reasonable.

Remember how much Pentiums cost when they first came out? Thank God for Capitalism or we'd all be suffering with slower and more expensive PCs. :)

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Guest PFCGray

Did I say anything about an advanced DOOM engine? No.....I said "Quake or Hexen 2". Anyway, in 2 years i'm hopin to get a whole new computer. I'm positive I'll about $5,000 by then. No rush.

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The Quake engine is the next step up from the Doom engine, so anything lesser than the Quake engine would use would only be slightly better the current oom engine.

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