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Guest ReGDaR

DooM 3 / Evolution

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Guest ReGDaR

I am that guy that use to make those stupid monsters up than can climb walls im back...

Do you think that DooM ]|[ Will revolutionize game play...

We need some dieing marines that speak to you like the forums earlyer in the forums (remember that)

How about baby cyber demons if thats not to big to ask for...

I really liked the DooM | and DooM ]|

The I means half and the O means full

Graphics: O O O I

Monsters / Items: O O O O O

Mods and Misc: O O O

Skins: O O

Speech: I

The speech wasnt good at all they never ever really did speak everything was ok but the skins were shabby i really like the game and im not trying to make this post worse tell me what you think id appreciate it ^_^

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Guest elyuca

Finally somebody smart!
I knew somebody had to come sooner or later!

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