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I have an engine specific question and I would like to ask you, but please remember I'm a dullard when it comes to lighting terms so please don't implode my head.

I understand the difference between lightmaps and vertex lighting. I have heard that it is possible for vertex lighting to look better so long as there are enough sample points per texture. There are hardly any in Q3A so I guess this isn't true; the lightmaps there look much better.

What I would like to know, is, what would be your highest expectation of lighting in Doom 3? Based on a realistic system guess of the time, of course.

Soft edged shadows cast in realtime by the level as well as the meshes and real-cast lighting and subtract lighting throughout, I'll assume. But could you please really elaborate on what lighting method you would like to see and what benefits it would hold over current lighting methods?

BTW, didja say you've never seen me? Well, today's not your lucky day. Here I am.

(Hmm, for some reason not only will this picture not load but it won't be a link either. Odd. Oh well, copy and past it into your address bar to see my hippie ass in a tie-dye t-shirt, leather trenchcoat, and as usual a cigar.)

Please, no insulting replies on the picture... unless it's good and funny.

Hey MACVILEWHORE, how do you make the coffee so good?
Just curious.
I also like my women they way I like my coffee.
Full of piss and strapped to the back of a mule by Juan Valdez!

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Shortly the old techniques are now history and there are no more ligtmaps!

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I paid $300 at Wilsons for my leather trench. Right afterwards I found out that Wilsons has turned to shit and their leather coats suck now. Figures. Besides, Yahoo has the price beat down cold. Check it.


Oh, and NiGHTMARE, do I want to grow a beard? I can't stop. Smartass. =)

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Hey, that coat looks like Peter!

(My friend's trench)

I personally like mine better cuz it's the same kind Mr. Hand wore in Dark City :) I even got the hat and gloves and shoes to go with it ;) :) :)

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I like the coat deady, and you don't look angry and bitter in that picture. The great thing about mixing tie-dye and trench-coats (or even a tie-dyed trenchcoat) is that you never know if the wearer is gonna hug you, or pull out a sawed-off a shoot you... nice to keep people on their toes. I myself wear a old canadian military great-coat from 1941... Good cigar? I should hope you're not smoking some worthless, non-cuban shit.. Helms-Burton be damned...

And why does Zaldron know so much shit? Does he have some interesting job that would led him privy to this info???


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