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Castle Wolfenstein 0.4

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Ominous Rumors – Chapter 4


A terrible scream of agony echoed throughout the damp, filthy corridors of the dungeon. It was sounded alongside an unpleasant sound of sizzling electricity.

A moment went by and another sizzle of electricity followed by another agonizing scream sounded – even louder than before.

Sergeant Strauss was waiting patiently behind the lattice door to the interrogation chamber where Doctor Zierler, who was called “Doctor Z” by the Castle guards, was busy interrogating one of his victims with a sadistic device, capable of sending powerful electrical charges through the victim strapped to the metallic table underneath the actual device. A nearby shelf had a macabre collection of human skulls on it.

A flash of blue electricity lighted up the sinister room as the Doctor pulled the lever on the machine sending yet another electrical charge through the unfortunate man strapped to the table at the center of the room.
Doctor Z stretched his back for a moment. He was a man in his early fifties with long, gray hair, wearing shaded goggles to protect his eyes against the bright light of electricity caused by his “interrogating machine”.
The Doctor, deeply fascinated by the charisma of “Der Führer” had a similar, short beard under his pointy nose, which gave him a sense of being a greater man.
He wore a long, green coat. It was currently rather filthy with dried blood from his latest victims.

“Come in Feldwebel, come in” he said and waved his hand at Sergeant Strauss.
The Sergeant, who was quite used to watching the Doctor conduct his “enquiries” on the prisoners, calmly marched in and stood attention before the Doctor.
“Your orders Herr Doctor?” he asked casually.
“Ach, this bastard here is as stubborn as they come” the Doctor mumbled quietly. “Go and get his accomplice, this one’s almost finished!” The guard briefly eyed the prisoner. Indeed he did not look like he would survive one more charge of electricity.
“Jawohl, Herr Doctor!” the Sergeant replied in acknowledgement, turned around and headed for the dungeon with the holding cells.

As Strauss entered the Hallway with the cells, he heard the sizzling of electricity behind him, accompanied by a long, pain-filled scream which soon grew weaker and then died out. The Sergeant was completely indifferent to the knowledge that a human being had just surrendered his spirit. To him it was just a useless prisoner. Prisoners were useless until they yielded useful information.

There had been two Allied spies. They had barely spoken since their capture, but the little they had uttered had been in English – English with American accent, which was enough to identify them as Americans.

He reached the last cell in the hallway.
He remembered that it had taken three of the biggest guards to hold this particular prisoner when the two spies had been captured. Three guards! He thought to himself. This American was quite clearly a very dangerous person, so Strauss knew that he had to be particular harsh on him. He pulled out his pistol – a caliber 9 millimeter Lüger and opened the door.

The cell was damp and very dark.

“Get out!” he barked in German and cautiously stepped into the cell looking around. The Sergeant couldn’t see the American anywhere. At first he hadn’t been able to see anything because of the darkness in the cell, but as he stepped inside, he began to see things more clearly. But he could still not see the American anywhere! All he could see was a rusty chain at the wall and a few shattered bones on the floor.
With a sudden wave of horror a thought entered Strauss’ mind and he looked up. But it was far too late.

The Sergeant barely saw the dark shape which landed on him from above with all its weight. Strauss felt how the gun left his hand as the air was knocked out of his lungs. He let out a muffled groan as he landed on the cold floor of the cell. He felt a big fist pound him repeatedly in his side and didn’t notice that the knife he had taken from the American spy when he and his partner was captured, was pulled out of his belt. Not until the cold steel buried itself into Strauss’ lung.

The last thing that went through Strauss’ mind before everything went black was the question: How did he get up there?


Blazcowicz got up and gave the dead soldier a short look. This was his first kill in the war and BJ felt a sting of guilt. But then he heard the echoes of the screams of his buddy in his mind and he suddenly felt the hatred flow through his body like a tidal wave. He had learned to think of the cruelty that his enemies stood for, and that gave him a bloodlust, which wiped out all bad conscience.

He had heard the screams of his buddy and had feared the worst.
The German guard, who now lay dead at BJ’s feet, had dragged Agent One out of his cell, while constantly kicking and beating him with a club. The screams that came from the torture chamber had made BJ's blood freeze.

He briefly looked up at the wooden rafters. There had been a large crack in one of the rafters and he had been able to jump up, grab onto the rafter, pull himself up and stem his feet against the wall and his hands against the rafter, keeping himself above the door. BJ had used a piece of a broken chain to hammer a foothold into the wall next to the door, which had been vital as he wouldn’t have been able to get up there and into the uncomfortable position.
Blazcowicz had heard Agent One’s screams echo throughout the dungeon, and had climbed up there, biding his time until the guard had arrived. It had been tough and his limbs felt all sore now.

He bent over and picked up the guard’s pistol. Searching the body, he found only a single spare clip for the pistol.
It’ll have to do! he thought to himself and snuck up to the open door, peeking around the doorframe.

The coast seemed clear and He went out into the cobweb-filled hallway which was only lit by a few torches throwing a dim, orange light on the humid walls. A desperate and very dangerous prisoner was now on the loose and hungry for fresh Nazi blood.



I wrote most of this particular chapter a long time ago and theoretically speaking, I could have finished it days ago, but I have had quite a number of other things to take care of and I had trouble coming up with an idea to how BJ managed to position himself above the door which made sense, so it took longer than anticipated.

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I wrote most of this particular chapter a long time ago and theoretically speaking, I could have finished it days ago, but I have had quite a number of other things to take care of and I had trouble coming up with an idea to how BJ managed to position himself above the door which made sense, so it took longer than anticipated.

I thought I had read the torture scene before. :) Coming along well.

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