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New wad in the works. +All new Doom monster!!

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Im currently working on a new wad called "Doom4".
Hopefully this wad will get popular, becuase im actually going to put forth effort. I'm writing a detailed story for it, and making tons of replacement sprites.

My first Sprite was an ALL NEW Doom monster! It is TOTALLY original! A must see! ::

And im re-making several other Demons, and several other GFX.

Go here for further details: doom4.doomgalaxy.com

Thnx. -Jeremy

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Guest Demon Reborn

Well. The new monster has no sense that it is 3 dimensional. and the gun always faces you. And I can tell it was an archvile that you started from.

i think it needs some more love.

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According to your picture, it's copyright 20001...

And the gun for some reason switches hands.

GOOD GOD. Why do you keep saying it says 20001!? LOOK AGAIN!!!!
It clearly say's "{C} 2001" K'?

Tha gun dont face forward, and its certainly not an archvile, I swear you p..nevermind.. :P

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