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Should there be a "Doom 3:Team Arena"

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I think iD made a very good game with team arena, and after doom is made I don't want to see them game modes slip into the void. So I think after doom 3 is released and iD makes all the updates they should release a multiplayer add-on for doom 3. Because iD did say they are focusing on singal player this time around.

It should have....

Capture the Flag...
One Flag CTF...
Harvester (skull tag)...
Terrain maps...
And bots.

But by the time Doom 3 comes out and people start making mods, you will probley see mods having all that shit in it. But maybe this is a bad idea to, because all that stuff is more quake type gameplay. We want doom game play of course...

***Please do not suggest weapons or Soundtrack under this***

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Wow, when I read the subject line I would have pegged you as a newbie, but then I was like "whoa, it's perforator" so I read your post in the hopes that I could post a snide reply perhaps with the line "/me kicks perforator in the teeth" but alas, your post makes sense and is posted in a better way that "doo u think they're shud bee a doom 3 aerina? i reeeem shiep!"

I figure they should just include that shit in the game itself, I mean just because it's single player doesn't mean that it can't have multiplayer options. All these multiplayer only games seem to have made us forget that there used to be single player games with multiplay options.


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For fuck's sake, they're GOING TO, and it's not like there's a single Goddamned thing we can do against it even if we didn't like the notion.

I'm still waiting for the FAKK 2 Mission Pack, you know, THE SECOND HALF OF THE FUCKING GAME THAT DIDN'T COME WITH IT.

What's my opinion on the subject? Well, I dislike it. I wish I could buy the game once and instantly have a fully complete and bugfree product to play into infinity. However this is never the case, is it?

Of course there's going to be new gameplay modes and/or mission packs made available after it's initial release. It's called bilking.

Maybe if they'd hire some more fucking people they could have a more complete game. Then again that puts us into the Daikatana syndrome (over 100 people worked on it, how could it have been anything EXCEPT shit???) because that spreads around the focus, and also introduces the problem of too many individuals trying to add their own little bit into the game.

So there is no answer.
Of course there will be an official Doom 3 addon released later on.
You should've known that, bucko! :P

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The clever thing on the game modes 1CTF, Harvester and Overload is that you can play all of them in an (almost) regular CTF map. They just have to include 6 multi purpose CTF maps and some Deathmatch maps and the multiplayer fun can go on.

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I knew there was going to be a multiplayer part of this game... But in the doom 3 plan file and to this day iD has said that they said they were going to be focusing on the singal player portion of this game instead of focusing on the multiplayer portion. I just said this because like doom, quake 1, and quake 2 a like all came with coopertive, deathmatch, and team dm only, I was hoping to see iD put there talents into a new multiplayer part after finishing needed tasks after releasing doom 3. Because if you havent noticed, the mod (wad) comuintee has got gay ideas after the doom wad makers found better things to do (i like quake 2 mods). But instead on relaying on a mod, I want a game add-on like team arena was. But I would also like to see game modes the focus more on the doom style instead of that era we were forced to go through with quake (even though that game kicked ass, doom tares it apart). But even though I'm pleased with everything that iD has done over the years (yeah I even liked commander keen) that is probley my last sugestion knowing iD has a preety good idea on what is going to please the gaming comunitee. And I would like to see a bigger focus on coopertive, I miss them days of fighting off the hordes of hell with my next door neighbor.

***Please for the love of god do not display anything about weapons or soundtracks, I want to know what "YOU" want to have in doom multiplayer. And this is for doom vets that have been playing since the beginning...for them only***

No imps were harmed in the production of this statement.

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