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Doom 3 monsters strikes again...

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The new thing can be made about monsters condition. I mean, why there are always the same faces i see? The same weapon and stranght (what'ta weird word, hope i wrote it right...)? The good point which can be made here is to MAKE RANDOM choosing engine for monster abilities in specific factors/paramiters. I mean for example: health condition (from stimpacked to heavy injured), original view (clothes (different colors/ style)/ armor persentage (from body armored til no armored at all)/ body parts (monster can be without any :))/ face (usually angry, but even here its nice to have difference :))/ weapon (for zombie it could be handle weapon such as chainguns/ rifles/ pistols/ knifes and etc., and some of the imps may have bigger tooth and spines (also if imp have good health condition he may move faster then the wounded ones and etc.). All those factors can be chosen by special random engine and loaded with level. So you will never (well, almost... :)) saw the same face in the same place...

buy the way have read the previos message...

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The "different faces" topic is one of the earliest that we discussed here...but no problem, you are new. I think everyone agrees to the idea of bringing visual variety into the enemie´s (especially the human-like) appereance.

But the randomly changed armory for the monsters isn´t a good idea in my opinion. What will be the difference between a heavy weapon dude and a avarage zombieman, if the zombieman can also carry a chaingun?

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