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Doom 3 multi and single player uploaded

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The new thing can be made in multi/ single player is to create classified system for player (yeah, i know its kinda weird to imagine the RPG elements in DooM, but they(id) tryed to include that stuff in Q3Arena before, but they didnt...).

It might be option for player constitution and carrying abilities:

Light / Scout: health not more 100/ high speed/ no armor aviable or just up to 50/ can carry 100 bullets for chain/machine guns and 15 rockets for RL and etc.

Medium / Sarge: health up to 120 (100 is a main, 20 goes off with time)/ medium speed/ armor up to 100/ can carry 200 bullets and 25-30 rockets...

Heavy / Grunt: health up to 150 (the same as Sarge pos.)/ low speed/ armor up to 150 (it wouldnt go off with time!!!)/ can grab bullets up to 300, 50 rockets ...

Have you read that far...
Some things bout power-ups and items will be soon - nobody replyes on huge messages...

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Actually, I've done some friggin' massive posts and gotten lots of replies. It'll keep all the redundant messages to a limit as well (no offense, newbie).

As for these RPG elements, well, I think that should be OPTIONAL. I'm all for a 100% even and fair fight when it gets down to some hardcore free for all deathmatching, none of this stuff. Hexen was VERY cool in this respect, but then again, it was a set list of predefined attributes... not things that adjust themselves over time.

If they code your idea it wouldn't take them another day to include an 'Old School' deathmaching option where everyone's equal.

"God made all men. Smith & Wesson made them equal."

Man, I still love that quote. Heheh.

I would also, much to the disfavor of many people in this forum, prefer the weapons to be much more realistic.

The 9mm pistol should have between 17 and 21 rounds per clip, and have select fire for semi-auto, triple shot burst and full auto. The pistols of today have it... because to be honest, the Beretta you got in Doom was obsolete when the game was made, let alone 2704 (apparantly the date of Doom, non-confirmed).

The shotgun would be completely semi-automatic and considering it's in a combat facility would be drum-fed and compensated for long durations of use. It would also be more likely a 10 gauge and not a 12. Even today there are hundreds (!) of types of shotgun ammunition... standard 000 magnum buckshot, rifled slugs to pierce armor, incindiary explosive shells with 10 foot blast radii, high-trauma shells (like shooting broken glass & tacks), tracers (aka comets for shotguns), and even shotgun shells that puff out a huge blast of flame like a flamethrower!

The rifle would fire much faster (the minigun from Doom should lay out 3000 rounds a minute) and be much more accurate but eat ammo like popcorn. It shouldn't share ammo with the pistol either, that's just cartoony. The ammo, like today, would probably come in two flavors, armor piercing and high-trauma. Armor piercers follow their name but would plow right through flesh and take several shots to down someone... whereas a high-trauma round (SWAT ammo of today) shreds the insides like stuffing a blender down someone's throat and put's em down real quick like (They split up and go end-over-end upon entry).

The rocket launcher, IMHO, needs the biggest change of all to gain my favor. First of all rockets of today fly VERY damn fast, not this video game slow motion crap. They also have the explosive power to down jets, not throw someone five feet and take off 80% of their health. To keep the same video game balance of power let's take a lesson from the M.THROWER weapon in Resident Evil 3.
Big gun, not the full over the shoulder sized rocket launcher from Doom more like the one from Q3A (without the red paint job). It's magazine fed and the clips hold I'd say 5 rockets. Each rocket is about the size of a 12oz can of soda save their half the diameter. There, nice and fair. You should also be limited to 15 of these puppies 'cuz stockpiling them makes bosses too damn easy.

Oh yeah, and although rocket jumping should blow your Goddamn legs off it's still just too damn fun to take away from us. ;)

Grenades <-- See Quake 2. Impresses me a lot more than the ones from Q3A.

Cell powered weapons <-- Ask SirGalahadWizard... that man has a LOT to say on this subject. :)

Oh yeah, BTW, I'm the leather trenchcoat wearing gun freak of the forum. Have a nice day.

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Well, i dont think that Deathmatch should be classified by options for players. Couse if we talking bout reallity such as weapon stuff and movements, we can see that geek/slim man will run much faster then boar-like, but with that he cant carry so much pounds then the big one. You can choose your own constitution by your self...

What you can see upon your fist?
My answear is: Your doom...

You are right- God made men, but he made them different: those who can shoot and those who can suffer...

Bout the weapon: yes, its a good point to make some real types of ammo and weapon. The pistol can use universal AP(armor piersing) bullets, and machine gun might share them, but also have ability to shoot by high-velosity bullets: while using them you'll get loud sound and gun will push you back (have you seen Ghost in the shell movie...). Chaingun from Q2 was quet good... Well, as i know, SWAT using special "dum-dum" ammo, i mean bullets with different mass center, so that a nice one to have it in DooM 3...

And if it will be rocket launcher like real ones (RPG; minicannons and etc.), its no point to include Rail gun in DooM 3 (but its so cool to have that master-piece there...) - rockets will go much faster then in first Quake game!!!...

And bout granades: its can be two types- exploasive ones: against one or two tought enemys and fragmentative ones: against them when its lot of - Zombies for example (these granades can use rail-slugs... if the last one will be included :) ).

Well, im not the 'wizard', so i'll say nothing bout energy-weapon exept one thing: it must be Plasma gun there, couse thats a fleshburning stuff (i think it was much better in Q3Demo, with purple gooes, not like in Q3Arena...)!!! Yeah, and dont forget that it might be blasters, Laser Beams, Lightning Guns, or even portative Ion Cannon!!! :) (actually im not the big fan of those energy things, exept Plasma...).

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deadnail said:

Hey, hey, I too wear a Trench Coat. It's just that I'm Canadian so apparently I'm not as feared as deady.


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What about using your hands to knock down people. And there should be an option to get extreme power. When you used that power-up you're able to rip someone's head / hand / leg off... How about it? I like to be shocked...

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Thats a Berserker- one of the Doom oldies. That could be nice one to have it in Doom 3, but i've suggested (actually the second time :)) that it can be different from the classic one: when you get Berserk power-up, you also get Ivulnerable, but its possible to use just hands/ gauntlet/ or chainsaw...

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