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Ahh, .... Uh.... All your base...Doom3...

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Im VERY confused, what is this, really? The "story" for D3 perhaps? http://hammer.prohosting.com/~badcrc/base.html
And this is cool, www.ua-corp.com ... This means this will be the Official Doom3 site! Cool. Man, Doom3 is sure coming together good, and im surley GLAD to see that. Mars? Sweet! Deamons? SWEET. DEATH, GFX... oh baby! :)

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It´s the cinematic intro of an old arcade coin-op game... but what´s the relation?

My question is... why did iD registered both DooM2000.com and UA-CORP.com???
This one has a "under construction" page, while DooM2000 has the same source code of idsoftware.com (I even analized the code looking for something hidden).

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