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New Doom 3 premise

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With the new UA-CORP.COM website, and the poll the other day asking what people are using to connect to the net, perhaps ID are planning something very special for the new game.

Upon load up, you connect to the UA-CORP.COM site, where you chose from a selection of missions. Once you do this, you're transported to that setting. Kind of like Elite/privateer style games, but in an FPS environment.

Or maybe not...

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Yeah, maybe... The page could also be used as a monitor that talks to the DooM3.exe and manages the modding upgrading, patching, news uploader, server refresher, etc...

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www.ua-corp.com could be made as usual site of heavy industrial corporation, includind some commersial (of couse not Britney songs, but for example:

Check new Amazing Tour on our Mars facilities - Wonderful views - Souveniers - Walks outside!!! Safety garanteed... or New Io station is celebrating its 2 year jubelee. We are proud that we were one of those who believed in the future of men in space and .... and etc.

Also part of the original Doom storyline may be opened from "official" side, like: We are concerned that accidents that had happend on Fobos 4 years ago (who knows?...) were coused by huge electro-magnetic impulse that crashed all establish centers... Today, we are almost reconstruct all our facilities there. And remember - We Belive In Future Of Men In Space!!! Want conquest universe with us? Take your challange to join the UAC today!!! Fill up the test forms in our offices in each Megacity.... and etc.

Well, just a wasted suggestion...

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