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New DOOM characters animations

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I know that the Q3A characters and the TA characters were animated in 3dstudiomax and that the New DOOM characters will be animated in Maya 3 (as Fredo said).
I don't know neither one of the above programs (meaning that I don't know how to use them) so Zaldron my man, can u tell me if this is good that id moved to Maya 3 and what advantages will it have.

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It´s exactly the same, you´ll see, Lightwave, Maya, 3D Studio, Silicon Studio and all the other professional tools have basically the same tools for animating.
This tools, that came on plug-ins or even in the same core, have 3 important features :

1) Biped - A skeleton wich is already prepared for animating characters, each member can be scaled at your will, in order to archive almost-perfect fit with the model.

2) Physique - The big guy, this is the tool that bends meshes depending on the skeletal deformations, and using vertex proximity to the bones as a measure of how much the model´s distorted.

3) Bulge - Not so used in games due to low polycounts, but, maybe with DooM3 things could change. Bulge´s (at least on 3DSMAX) the tool to shape the muscles and how they grow/change depending on the amount of work they handle.

This features are always combined with specialized skinners to archieve models without the bubble-gum effect on skins.
Other tools as Flex are used to archieve realistic hair and cloth movement.

You´ll see, Fred´s using Maya because :

1) They just acquired it. (those programs are really expensive, specially if you need to pay for a comercial license).

2) It´s probably the most similar program to Sillicon Studio, wich is the default modelling software on Sillicon Graphics computers. (Fred worked on movies)

3) Maya´s probably Kenneth Scott and Seneca Menard choice, so why iD should buy another expensive art program?

Remember, Fred said in his interview that he´s still learning to use the program. It´s really hard to say wich program is the best one among all the PC-friendly. I love 3D Studio Max (Kinetix just released the Release 4), and I know a little of Lightwave. Maya´s probably similar, so my answer to the question is : there´s no advantage.

Q3A and TA were made with 3Dsmax because Paul Steed know how to use it. Blizzard uses 3D Studio MAX because they know too. ION Storm uses Lightwave, and so on...

In the animation process, if they´re done in the old way (without motion capture scripts), the most important tool is the animators experience).

Fred worked on Bugs or Antz, i can´t remember...

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