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Bands you love and hate

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I'm just interested in seeing the response to this. Lut, if you respond to this I'd appreciate it if you list bands OTHER than NIN in your hates, as I think I already know how much you dislike them :)

Anyway, here's the bands I love:

Fluke - along with the Prodigy's first album, Fluke's early work is a rare example of good techno. Their more recent work isn't really techno. In fact, I don't know wtf it's supposed to be. Anyone? :)

Future Sound of London - most of their stuff is ambient, and some of it sounds very similar to each other. However, they also make the odd non-Ambient song, such as We Have Explosive, and these are usually pretty cool.

Marilyn Manson - Yes I do actually like his stuff. Sure some of it can get a bit repitive, but some of his songs very cool indeed, such as Holywood track 18 (I forget the name). If you listen to music for how it sounds and not what it promotes or is about, as I usually do, MM is fine.

NIN - Yeah, I'm one of the seemingly increasingly small number of people who actually like them. I still maintain that everyone will be pleasantly suprised with Trent's Doom 3 soundtrack. That is unless you're already so determined to hate it that there's no way you will no matter how good it is. The Perfect Drug and I'm Afraid of Americans (with Bowie) are two of my all time favourite songs.

Anyway, I know some people are sick of Trent constantly whinging about life, the universe and women in his songs, but imagine a NIN song where he's actually happy about something. That would just sound too weird :)

Oh yeah, if you think Trent's a bad producer, check out The Lost Highway soundtrack, which he was the producer of. Nice job Trent :)

Prodigy - I don't hate Fat of the Land as a lot of people do, but I agree that it isn't as good as Music for the Gilted Generation. However, if they'd stuck with the style of Experience as some people say they should have done, they'd probably still be stuck in underground clubs in the middle of Essex :)

Now stuff I hate:

Limp Bizkit - they should take their own advice and "shut the fuck up"

Most heavy metal bands, especially Metallica and Iron Maiden (note to musically ignorant people: see the word "heavy"? I do not mean all metal). I'm not saying that heavy metal is bad. It's fine for those who like it, but it's just that it's not really my "thing".

Garage and house "musicians" - if I wanted to hear 10 million "songs" that sound exactly the same, then... wait, I wouldn't want to. Never mind.

All boy bands, girls bands and things like Steps and S Club 7 which are a mixture of the two. Ugh, kill them all now please.

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Love/hate list time, eh? Here's my three pence...

NIN - The best thing ever.
SLIPKNOT - Hate the image, but the anger conveyed within their music: We all feel like that ocasionally
MANSON - But not an awful lot. Mainly the faster ones, like Irresponsible Hate Anthem
QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE - Nothing special. Just good.
PRIMARY SLAVE - Never heard of them? I'm not surprised. I've heard their stuff, but can't get any of it. Best described as NIN on speed, meets Pantera
AT THE DRIVE-IN - Boy, do they sound amateurish. But, they are the very embodiment of playing your ass off and singing your face off. Which is cool.
MY RUIN - Mainly their older stuff, you know - the stuff that DOESN'T sound like a female-led Slipknot album.
KORN - For Issues

KORN - For everything else
LIMP ROACH - See below
PAPA BIZKIT - See above
EMINEM - Musical content - 0% Anything else - 0%. Why's it so popular?
WU TANG CLAN - All image, nothing else
SLIPKNOT - Their image, which they concentrate too much on, is pure shite.
BOY BANDS - Enough said

Pointless, nothing to do with Doom3, but hey.

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Guest dexter

slipknot-so much agression is fucking cool
cradle of filth-listen beyond the screaming they a fucking talented band
nofx-wooooohhhhhhoooooooooo 4 beer
green day-cool to play
mm-total twat but fucking talented
at the drive in- Fuck Good
deftones- hay:P!
coalchamber-the roof the roof the roof is on fire we dont need no water let the mutha fucker burn!!!
less than jake-pppppaaaaarrrrrrtaaaaaayyyyy
incubus-good music +lead singer is sooo fit
cold- Yeah
rancid-ska beats
ok their more but this list is too long

Limp bizkit -total fucking no talented cheap rippoffs cashing in cunts!
offspring-why did they sell out??
amen-way 2 hiped
eminem-nuff said
kid cock-what a fuck

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-metallica: my favorite
-weird al yankovic- my other favorite...im very polar i know
-black sabbath- invented metal and still kick ass
-ozzy- no explanation needed
-led zepplin-and shes buyign a stairway..you know the rest
-iron maiden- your time will come
-blue oyster cult- great lyrics, and the songs are just very upbeat and col
-the beatles- everybodys got somethign to hide except for me and my moneky- jl
-credence clearwater revival- ive liked them since i was realyl little. i love em
-the offspring- americana was the best, its just really different sounding, smash kicks ass
-pink floyd- we dotn needn o education
-greatful dead- ridign a train, high on cocaine
-nirvana- duh
-pearl jam-theyre all pearly and jam like
-white/rob zombie- awesome, horror movie type shit
-alice cooper- invented shock rock
-jimi hendrix- all along the watch tower is a kick ass song
-green day- one of my favorite punk bands
-the misfits- die die die my darling, dont udder a single word
-korn- they ahve bagpipes...i had that idea before i ever heard of them, a metal band with bagpipes in it.
-lynyrd skynyrd- freebird
-the eagles-im already gone

thats just off the top of my head, theres probably some more stuff i likeo and heres the stuff i hate

-limp bizkit- i did it all fo rthe cookie, so you can stick it up my ass
-kid rock- he sampled metallica...but then thats bad
-country- my mom lieks this...MAKE THE PAIN STOP, she knows it makes me sick
-rap-yo yo yo i jst fucked my bitches up the ass mutha fugga, yo what up ma niggas lets go kill some bitches
-boy bands- if they wrote songs that were a little more origninal and didnt dress liek everyone else i might have a hair of respect for tehm...oh wait, no i wouldnt. tehy considedr tehmselves artists, an artist makes somethign original,
-other stuff.

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The ones I like:

Pantera - For being them self and convincing us the trend is dead.
Fear Factory - Duh, ever listen to them.
Godsmack - there some what good.
Napalm Death - There views of the world are very real, and they sound like satan :D.
Cannibal Corpse - Sound Scary, I LOVE IT.
Morbid Angel - Very dark and violent, like Cannibal Corpse.
Deicide - They are just like doom, very satanic and hate god with a passion.
Six Feet Under - There like napalm death I guess.
Mudvayne - Jesus Christ that is shweet.
Sepultura - Very deep dark metal and very tribal.
Slayer - If there was a true god of music, they would be the icon of sin.
Suffocation - there cool.
Alice N Chains - There old and something to sleep to, hehe.
Pitchshifter - Very talented industrial sound, very good mixing.
Prodigy - "insert text here"
Cradel Of Filth - They use that old type of screaming, its cool.
Wasp - Listen to there songs? Nuff said.
Kittie - If you you ever seen another female band do that I'll give you 20 bucks.
And last but not least, cause there the best (almost):
VADER - There like the feeling you get after you distruct something, your hearts pounding and you wanna do it again.

The bands that I hate....

Limp Bizkit - Fred Dirst is a faggot.
Disturbed - "BOOOOO...DOWN IN FRONT"
Lincon Park - There ok, but fuck that trendy shit.

Theres tones more bands I could name that I hate, but I know you all want me to stfu.

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I love:

Heavy Metal

I hate:
Faggot bands and stupid britney spears music...
pokemon lovers
niggers, no wait. Niggers are cool!

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<Love List>
NIN - Completely origional. Every song sounds different. Just plain kick ass. Saw 'em in concert...greatest experience in my short life.
System of a Down - Just got turned on to them. Awsome lyrics, all songs sound origional. Lead singers voice is a little annoying, though.
Jimi Hendrix - Very trippy music...good blues songs too. Best guitarist ever. From Seattle...near home :).
Pink Floyd - Trippy music, excellent lyrics, different from any other music of its time (that I know of).
Black Sabbath - Greatest metal band ever. Some say they like Ozzy beter (also a fav), but Sabbath's music is better, while Ozzy has better lyrics.
Alice in Chains - Part of the grunge scene...takes me back. Best grunge band ever.
Soundgarden - Starting to get burnt out on them. Another good grunge band.
Tool - Trippy metal. Can't figure out what the hell he is saying, but still cool. Like meditation music for metalheads.
Led Zepelin - Good old metal...Houses of the Holy was the best.
Korn - For Korn, everything after sucked.

<Hate List>
Disco (especially that weird neo-disco)
Rap Metal - Kid Rock, Bizkit, Papa Roach, all ripoffs of Rage, who weren't that good to start with (good lyrics, though)
Boy & Girl bands - Have to listen to that damn music every day from my sister's room ARGH!
Anyone they play on MTV - They don't play anything good on MTV anymore! WTF happened?

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Bands I love:
Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Led Zepplin, Iron Butterfly, Fields of the Nephilim, Queens of the Stone Age, Nine Inch Nails, :Wumpscut:, Fear Factory, Shotgun Messiah, Fluke, Apoptygma Berzerk, Sonic Mayhem, Strapping Young Lad, Ocean Machine, Phycisist, Visual Audio Sensory Theatre, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Dead or Alive, Tool, 2wo, Kittie, Stabbing Westward, Dream Theater, Type O Negative, Therapy?, Infectious Grooves, Amorphis, Anathema, Celestial Season, Justin Hayward, Björk, Depeche Mode, Daft Punk, Moonspell, Apocalyptica, KMFDM, MDFMK, Perfect Circle, Orgy, Fudge Tunnel, Therion, Stratovarius, Meat Beat Manifesto, Iron Savior, Think About Mutation, Staind (needs work but best band on the label), Blackmore's Rainbow, Blue Man Group, Chemical Brothers, The Cure, Gary Hoey, Joe Satriani, Primus, Slayer, Johnny Cash, and early Metallica too I guess.

Bands I hate:
Any and all hip hop.
Any and all R&B.
Any and all country.
Any and all manufactured groups (Britney Spears, N*Sync...).
Any and all rizock, hip rock, or cock rock bands (Korn, Limp Bizkit...).
90% of all punk rock (NoFX, the Queers...).
Bile (Have you heard these jagovs?)
Future Sound of London (The album was the single with 40 minutes of trance wrapped around it. WTF?)
Smashing Pumpkins (That queer needs to learn how to sing!)

And the worst band of all time (IMO):
Rage Against the Machine

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Guest elyuca

Shut the fuck up.

i love silence.



you can actually enjoy silence.

you cant get enough silence.

the more silence, the better it gets.

theres no part of silence you hate.

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Perforator said:

Have to say Morbid Angel :) not only because I get a greet on their new cd cover :)
Went to Eminem concert tonight :( had to, took the son he insisted. Sheesh what a load of crap

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Guest BEnT2440

Mine's a short list, but hey, waddaya gonna do?


Nine Inch Nails: That's a definite. Own all their CDs. Simply amazing.

Metallica: Everything but their first CD. If they re-recorded Kill 'Em All I'd probably like it.

Radiohead: Some of their songs are spectacular, some are just plain shit.

Deftones: They're awesome when Chino ISN'T screaming, which is about 75% of the time.

Matthew Good Band: Their CDs have only been released to the States recently, but they've been popular over here (Canada) for a while.

Finger Eleven: Meh, they ain't bad.

Everlast: He hates Eminem. 'Nuff said.


DMX - "What these bitches want from these niggaz?"

Slipknot - *Choke* *Gag* *Wheeze*

Korn - Issues just ruined them for me.

Eminem: Who does this faggot think he is?

Boy bands: *Shudder*

Country: "She broke my heart, so I broke her face."

Rage: Zak fought against everything political, then he left the band. How ironic is that? Oh wait, it isn't. *Cough*

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The good:

NIN - Reznor is a music God.
Marilyn Manson - He probably wouldn't be anywhere if his song writing partner Twiggy Ramirez wasn't in the group, but together they write some good songs
Tool - Its not enough, I need more (new album in April, yeah!)
Nirvana - Is there a rocker out there that does not like Nirvana?
Frenzal Rhomb - Aussie punk band, pretty good too.
Bloodhound Gang - Crack me up every time.
Smashing Pumpkins - Two words: Siamese Dream.
Powderfinger - Another Aussie band, excellent songs.

The Bad:
Manufactured pop bands - from the people who brought you Britney Spears and N-Sync....

The Ugly:
Limp Bizkit - Get rid of Fred Durst and they might make it in to the good, they do have some pretty good tunes if you take away the lyrics.
Hole - I haven't met a Nirvana fan yet who likes Courtney Love.

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No comment,
I'm sick of listing what I like and dislike, the best thing I can say is take deadnail's list and root out kittie, (they're a bunch of whiny bitches from London Ontario (that's in Canada deady, uh oh, you like a canadian band, looks like the canadian disease is spreading), and I know people who know them, they are not cool...) and Björk and Mettalica,
there you have it, my list


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All right you little punk bitch, all right.

I like Kittie because I had never even HEARD of them until I was making out with a chick at a punk club. She put it on and things went from there. I tell ya, I couldn't ever stand country music 'till I ate a chick out to it. You'd be amazed at what you can stand when you have your tongue in some chick's head.

Kittie themselves... well, about 50% of their songs I can stand. Some of their music just seems... well, I guess 'dispersed' is the word for it. It starts light, then gets really heavy, then dies, then comes back heavier then light then dies again. It's just a really shitty way to put a song together. Maybe it's supposed to have some sort of art to it but Goddammit this is heavy metal girlies, you don't build up then piss it up by slicing some ballad in the middle.

Oh, and WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH BJÖRK, huh?! That girl has got some REAL vocal talent thrown on top of some really interesting classical/pop/new wave/industrial tunes. You heard 'Army of Me' played by Carcass yet? It's a shame what happened to her, a damn shame. I wish she was still in the music industry.

As for Metallica, well, you can cut them right the hell off after And Justice For All, hell even most of that album too. Fuck it, they perfected with Orion, and it's been a LONG Goddamn road to hell they're sliding down.

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Bands I like:
Faith No More, Ozzy, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Alice in Chains, Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, At the Gates, Black Label Society, Boston, Corrosion of Conformity, Crowbar, Danzig, Die Krupps, Down, Drain STH, Gary Hoey, George Thorogood, Godsmack, Gravity Kills, Rollins Band, Jeff Scheetz (my old guitar teacher, his stuff rules. Look for him on MP3.com), Hendrix, Joe Satriani, King's X, Kiss, KMFDM, MDFMK, Led Zeppelin, Lizzy Borden, Marty Friedman, Megadeth, Meshuggah, Mind-Ashes, Motley Crue, Motorhead, NIN, Nirvana, Pantera, Paralyzed, Pink Floyd, Kansas, Queen, Quiet Riot, Scorpions, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rob Zombie, White Zombie, Sammy Hagar, Slash's Snakepit, Slayer, Guns 'N Roses, Soundgarden, Spinal Tap, Steppenwolf, Steve Vai, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Zakk Wylde, Stone Temple Pilots, The Doors, The Eagles, Thin Lizzy, Tony Iommi, Ugly Kid Joe, Van Halen, Weezer, Yngwie Malmsteen, Queensrhyche, Pearl Jam, Fu Manchu, Frank Zappa

Bands I hate :
Korn, Limp Bizkit, Disturbed, and most bands like them.

Backstreet Boys, N*Sync, Britney Spears, all pop people like them.


Country "artists".

Anything not mentioned in the two lists, I either forgot to put on, or I'm neutral.

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Bands/artists I like:

1. Warrior Soul/Space Age Playboys
2. Captain Beefheart
3. Velvet Underground
4. Roxy Music
5. Gary Moore (an extrodinary guitar player)
Oh hell, a bunch of others, but I just woke up and I'm too tired to think :P

Bands I hate:

Rap and Industrial stuff. Just doesn't turn my crank.

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WhiteNoise said:

Thin Lizzy! Heh. You're cool. You should check out some of Gary Moore's solo stuff. Bloody amazing it is :)

Quiet Riot? Hmmm. I remeber Metal Health being somewhat decent but I lost track of them after that. Whatever happened to them anyway?

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I can't say I love or hate bands, but I can break it down into what I generally like and what I generally don't like.

Generally like:

Arch Enemy - it's death metal, it's power metal, it's thrash, it's like every type of metal in one. I don't care much for the first two records but the latest Burning Bridges and the live in Japan one are great. Talk about musical talent. They hit every note from the albums perfectly on the live disc. Never heard any band do that before, except for Manowar, and I don't care much for them either. Singer could be better but for a death/hardcore guy, he is top-notch. You can understand just about everything he says (normally I don't go for the death-metal growls or anything that is undecipherable without or even with a lyric sheet, but this guy gets away with it). [songs: Scream Of Anger, The Immortal, Pilgrim, Silverwing.]

Alice In Chains - this isn't the most complex or original stuff around, but a fair amount of their songs show decent musicianship and also have a good mood to them. I like a lot of the stuff on Jar of Flies and the self-titled album, especially Head Creeps and Again. Their sick/twisted/demented songs always do good for me even though I could rip on their simplicity. [songs: Would?, Them Bones, Rotten Apple, Head Creeps, Again.]

Blind Guardian - I have only heard the album Nightfall In Middle Earth but there aren't many songs more powerful than Mirror Mirror or Into The Storm. This is one of those few albums with a theme that tells a whole story. Again, their talent and variety are quite something. The singer sounds like a stereotypical Saturday Night Live gay guy though. [songs: Mirror Mirror, Into The Storm, Nightfall, Blood Tears.]

Danzig - Hardly breakthrough music, but again he does some dense stuff, in terms of his moods and feelings. Some of it's good, a lot of it I think is mediocre. It always suits Doom games though. [songs: Mother, Devil's Plaything, Long Way Back From Hell, How The Gods Kill, When Death Had No Name, I Don't Mind The Pain, The Unspeakable, Thirteen.]

Devin Townsend (Devin Townsend, Ocean Machine, Punky Bruster, Strapping Young Lad, Infinity) - Imagine Reznor's variety, songwriting and singing times four. This guy is far above average. The first SYL album wasn't all that great but City (SYL), Biomech (Ocean Machine) and Infinity (Devin Townsend) are all music like you've never heard. This guy makes Reznor look like the average preschooler. [songs: Ocean Machine: Seventh Wave, Night, Regulator, Bastard, Death Of Music - Strapping Young Lad: In The Rainy Season, Happy Camper, Oh My Fucking God, AAA, Underneath The Waves, Centipede - Infinity: Bad Devil, War, Ants, Colonial Boy, Noisy Pinkbubbles - Punky Bruster: get the whole album, it's hilarious - Devin Townsend: Material, Kingdom, Irish Maiden, Jupiter.]

Das Ich - They sound alot like a German version of the Quake 1 mission packs 1+2 music. Lots of orchestral music coupled with industrial. I've always wondered if the singer sang his stuff without listening to the music that was being played, but generally he does a good job, and after hearing Reznor, he's great. Their earlier stuff was hardly top-quality, but when you get into the later albums like Egodram and Morgue you cannot argue they are some of the most musically complete albums in the genres that they meld together. A few average tracks here and there but I like it all. They also did some soundtrack which I'm not sure what it's called. But regardless, they are the soundtrack of Doom3 in waiting. You cannot argue that. [songs: Egodram, Destillat, He Mensch, Kleine Aster, Ein Tag Vergeht, Kindgott, Dorn.]

Enigma - hard call. I like half the stuff and I loathe the other half. Nice ambient/electronic/orchestra combo stuff sometimes. [songs: Eyes Of Truth, Mea Culpa, I Love You (I'll Kill you).]

Moonspell - this one is a mix again. Not counting the new album Butterfly Effect, which is a mess of stuff so simple and basic it could have been on The Fragile, their stuff is generally above average. Sometimes the singer tries to hard to sound desperate, but only in the very early stuff. I haven't heard any other music that sounds very close to these guys. [songs: Handmade God, Vulture Culture, Wolfshare, Vampiria, Erotic Alchemy, Opium, Mephisto, Ruin And Misery.]

Queensryche - they're a mix for me. I don't care much for the early or new stuff. I love Promised Land. Masterpiece of depression, dementia and broken dreams with the slightest bit of triumph at the end. [songs: Empire, Silent Lucidity, Damaged, Promised Land, Disconnected, Lady Jane, One More Time.]

Samael - another band that started out crap and went into something totally unique. I really hate the singer [they started out death/black metal, changed the music but kept the vocals], however the music is spectacular. The last album is like space-metal. I don't know how to describe it all, I let the music speak for itself. [songs: Supra Karma, I, Nautilus & Zeppelin, Year Zero, Jupiterian Vibe, Rain, Ceremony Of Opposite (new version), From Malkuth To Kether, Rebellion, Static Journey.]

Sentenced - The suicide kings. Just about all their songs are on the subject of the purest form of release, yet they never get repetitive. Their latest album, Crimson, unfortunately puts them in the same category as Creed and those other bands. It is a mistake that should be ignored. The majority of their songs sound a similar style to Alice In Chains' "would?". [songs: Shadegrown, Bleed, Crumbling Down (Give Up Hope), Warrior Of Life, Ode To The End, Farewell, For The Love I Bear, Mourn, Dead Moon Rising]

Theatre of Tragedy - the last three albums sound like three different bands but I like them all. All are male-female duets. Velvet Darkness they Fear is more gothic/orchestra oriented, where the male sings death vocals and the female sings soprano to create a demon/angel united sound. It works. Aegis is the same style but done with Synthesizers as the main instrument. Not much more complex than The Fragile again, but it's ok. The latest album, Musique, is a techno/industrial assault and probably my favorite release by them. [songs: Fair and Guiling Copesmate Death, Der Tanz Der Schatten, Lorelei, Poppaea, Samantha, Machine, Fragment, Commute, Radio, Crash/Concrete]

Tiamat: yet another band that started out death metal and moved into Pink Floyd-esque soundscapes followed by stoner rock. Focusing primarily on nature and beauty, they've created some of the more interesting soundscapes I've heard. Occasionally the singer tries to sound "eternal" at points but sounds more like he's got phlegm stuck in his throat. [songs: Gaia, The Ar, Do You Dream Of Me?, Atlantis As A Lover, Cold Seed, The Whores of Babylon, A Deeper Kind Of Slumber, Brighter Than The Sun, Lucy, As Long As You Are Mine]

That was all off the top of my head (I am at work now and don't have access to my CD and MP3 collection to proof it all). Possibly more later, if I'm not too busy.

I really don't like anything that is mediocre or below. The only musicial I seriously have a gripe with is Reznor. Since I have work to do I'll spare you from my Trent-is-a-bozo stuff for now.

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Guest Dark_Fox

I like:
Rammstien <- I know german (a Little) They just simply Rock!
Korn <-Issues sucked MAJOR balls.. but their other albums=ok SevenDust
NIN <--- Yea baby my fav!
Linkin Park
M&M <- the only rapper I really like..
Limp Bizkit
Metallica <- They are ok, getting old
Marlyn Manson <- Freaky!
Crystal Method <- Monster Techno
RobZombie <- Old school bitch
Alice In Chains <-I hate their singer but otherwise I be sveet!

I hate:
Dickless Boy bands <- Scary Anal
Country <-- I spew like a warm can of beer
DC Talk <- Gay..

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Lüt said:

Damn it, I posted all this for nothing?? I was just getting warmed up but I'll save the rest for later.

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fodders said:

Have to say Morbid Angel :) not only because I get a greet on their new cd cover :)
Went to Eminem concert tonight :( had to, took the son he insisted. Sheesh what a load of crap

Jesus fod! I fired up Napster to check out Morbid Angel, and I'm sorry I did :) Good Lord what's a guy your age doing listening to that kind of stuff??? I think I lost about 15 minutes of time from my life(must of had a seizure or something :) And I thought Danzig 5 was bad....

At least they are better than Eminem though :P

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There's countless bands like Morbid Angel around. MA isn't the worst of them, that's for sure. One I like who was here a while ago is Dying Fetus. I don't actually go much for their music, but there's a funny story behind them that makes them enjoyable.

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No doubt there are countless bands like them. What a waste. One or two would be more than enough. Really :).

Actually I've been on napster pretty much all day checking out some of the stuff out that people have been mentioning. Generation Y really needs to lighten up :) So much downtuned depressing crud and no melody industrial schlock. I was surprised though by some stuff, like AFI. I usually don't go much for hardcore punk but those guys have more musical stuff
than 95% of the sewage that's passing for rock and roll these days. Strapping Young Lad are interesting too. Little too industrial for my taste but at least they are extreme and come across with enough real energy to put them above other similar acts. I've been listening to a half a dozen tracks of theirs, taking it all in with bemused curiosity. I might have to keep them in mind the next time I go cd shopping.

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