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All Your Base Are Belong To Us

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OK, here's a recreation of the forum thread that started it all:


You can find a good deal of the pictures and other links here. The original thread died when the forums crashed a while back. There's a link to a voiced-over video you can download too, somewhere in there. It is very much worth the download. Personally, I like all the pictures by Yellow Yell the best.

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Guest Omega

I never thought I'd see the day when Lut would start living in the past.

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Well that's entirely up to the semantics of the viewer I'd say.

Swing music returning: Very bad.
Limp Bizkit today: Very bad.

No matter when you look around or look back there's always something to hate. Fuck it I say, be a rebel. Love everything.

BTW, I just got laid offa work for an indefinite amount of time. It's fun. I just left half way through on my last day; I had enough of being treated like a house nigger by some stupid bitch who can't perform 2nd grade math. On top of this, she bitched and moaned and forced me to trade jobs with her (mine, of course, being much more difficult). On top of this, the stupid faggot bastard who did the job before me NEVER fucking cleans up his mess so I had to clean up after his filthy ass too. On top of this, I had a fucking RAGING headache. You ever had one of those headaches where it feels like there's fourteen squirrels mating in your skull?

Oh yeah, I love getting dumped on at work. I'm always at least half an hour early before my shift starts, and I always run rate. Of course I should be shat upon by all the people I see smoking weed in their cars. Of course it shouldn't bother me that the black people conspired behind my back several times to get me, the proverbial 'whitey'.

I still remember that one fun Sunday night. The black guy in my department couldn't figure out how to work this one machine. So I showed him, which was basically doing the same thing but WAITING two seconds before giving up. As I walked away the repair man said to me, "Man, thank God for guys like you. That fuckin' nigger would've never figured that shit out."

Oh, and the next day I found them smoking a perfecto blunt together.

Yeah, who's the villian here?

It's also great when ex-wives show up with cooking utensils and try to slice up the other workers, I just love being around for that. Like I want to be caught in a crossfire over SOMEONE ELSE gettin' some pussy.

God, I think it's a good thing I left. Who knows what would've happened if I let that rage build up in me anymore, and even *I* could figure out that the last thing I needed was morning traffic on the way home. You know, getting cut off by white minivans with soccer stickers on the side doing 20 over the limit or getting a speeding ticket for not braking all the way down a fucking hill.

Hey, I could've been on the news!

"Disgruntled driver shoves slower driver's head up his ass. The full (and by full we mean diluted) story at 9."

The good news? I think I might have another job lined up in a month or so that could bring me another $2 an hour, which means my takehome will be vergin' on $400. Whee, perhaps then I could possibly afford to live by myself.

In any case, I'm on layoff. So there's no doubt I'm going to kick back for a few weeks, relax to all hell, and just fucking UNWIND. =)

Damn, what was this post about again?

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Hey! I happen to like Swing music! I grew up listening to it. That doesn't mean, of course, that I don't like modern music as well. I just happen to like all kinds of music. (except rap and country)


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