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Hmm. Stuff about doom, gameplay, weapons...

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i took a glimpse on this old thread, i posted last year.

It really seems as if most of the community want 15.000 new guns for doom. I DON'T think so. If it were up to me, i would add the grenade launcher, and nothing else!

I think it was "Perforator" who posted something about how boring it would be to have to fire with the same gun, weapon over and over again. Well, i don't really get why doomers can say such a thing. I never got bored of the good ol' guns from Doom 2. Also, it shouldnt be the weapons that make the gameplay alone, but the environment.

If you look at what happened from doom to doom 2. Then you will see that several monsters were added and one gun was added. I do NOT think it sucked, just because there were nothing more that one new gun. I can tell you this. One game where the weapons TOTALLY SUCK is "Turok 2". There must be 124346435 weapons in it. And i always end up using my favorites anyways. The pistol, the minigun thingie, the torpedo launcher, blah blah. Do you see a pattern? Doom's guns were so different.

Slot 1 your fist and a chainsaw-Ver' different. good against small enemies, other players.

Slot 2 the pistol. Good against small enemies, pretty accurate.

Slot 3 the shotgun and the ssg. One LONG distance weapon and one UP YO ASS MUTHAFUCKA weapon.

slot 4 the chaingun. a good long-short distance weapon that practically disables most smaller enemies.

slot 5 the rocket launcher. Good at medium.long long distance. it has splash damage.

slot 6 the plasmagun. this one disables the enemy, and is at the same time accurate, long-short distance.

slot 7. teh bfg, clears rooms.

Ok. None of these weapons are the same! Thats why doom never got boring! And thats why i think a grenade launcher would fit in perfectly!

Now please tell me WHY you would like 23451321234 different weapons!

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There´s no need for more weapons if each one is designed for multi-purpose. You know, stuff like ammo types, alt fires, special action (like Sof).
A grenade launcher is the only weapon that DooM really needs. I would like too to have akimbo pistols, I think is pretty dumb to not grab 2 of those while you´re carrying one bgf, a plasma, a rocketlauncher, etc.

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The reason that Doom is so great, is that it has a delicate balance of weapons and monsters that really shouldn't be tampered with. All the weapons have their different attributes, the only element missing is that of a grenade launcher.

And all the enemies are different enough.

Everything is memorable and balanced - you're not figthing 100 different strengths of gunner with 8 different strength shotguns/miniguns.

Tampering with this is a recipe for disaster.

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Gimme something like 10 weapons and I'll be happy. Don't exaggerate the weapon-arsenal. That would get way to complicated. Something like the original Doom is ok...
BTW. This has nothing to do with your post, but why the hell is USERNAME locking his own posts? That guy must be really dumb.
Or maybe he just doesn't want us to reply to his posts. Oh, that USERNAME is such a tease..................... :)

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