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In keeping with the last ten threads....

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So, I'd just like to say 'Hi' to anyone who thought this was a Doom 3 forum. Guess you were wrong. :)

We've found out that no one really likes Dexter a whole lot. On top of this we've discovered that Omega dislikes Dream Destroyer, Linguica hates these forums (layout and design), JudgeDoom and MacVileWhore have returned (/me sips coffee), and me and Zaldron even had a bizarre little IRC deathmatch thing going on for a while. Cough.

It even turns out I live on the same corner of this God forsaken rock as Jeremy.

Homophobia got brought up again for some strange reason. It turns out that Maonth has a sense of humor and Dexter doesn't.

Hey, here's a funny word: faggot

Does this mean I'm Hitler too? Man, some people need a grip.

We have mixed opinions about video game boxes for shipping purposes and Dark_Fox has some sort of weird obsession with Rubber Duckies.

/me slaps the duck

Just so you're all caught up. There.

Now then, I have a question. In keeping with the details we all like to go into with lighting and reflections and stuff. Would it possible to specify to every polygon a certain color of light, the power of that light, and a certain amount of reflection?

Having that kind of customizability to the models/architecture would be great, I think.

I can just see Sarge in the dark, puffing that cigar, his face lighting up a dim orange and seeing the reflection of it off of his big assed weapon.

Would this be feasible, you think, or would this be too much for video cards to handle?

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Actually, the only thing you must do is to upgrade with a few lines the mdX format. The name for what you´re saying is Multi-material.
Each material has several aspects that are independent of the texture and the shader, this are :

Color -> It filters the texture so it looks like colored lighting. All Quake3 and UT models, for example, are made of white triangles, so there´s no filtering. If you change some polys to green, and others to red, they will act as if they were specially illuminated.

Shin. Strenght -> Most people don´t see this, because it´s not used that much. For metallic and quasi-metallic looking gourad lighting, you can use this option. Basically it represents how much light bouncing the poly does in the presence of a light. A T-shirt has a value of 0 (no flare), while a sword haves a high value.

Shin. Diffuse -> How hard is the transition between the hotspot of the material and the non-superlited area.

You can already on 3DSMAX create low-poly models using different materials for the triangles you want. It´s the engines who don´t support this (the DirectX .X file format haves some of this features). With this, you can even select different skins, reflection maps, bumpmaps, shaders, etc for each material.

Now, to have intermodel reflection. Gee, that´s a tough one. They basically have to do the guy and the weapon a separated model (already done). After that, they have to use as "reflection map" for the weapon something known as skycube, skybox, cubic, whatever. It takes a look around of the level, takes 6 screenshots (of very small size), and creates a tiny skybox that´s used as ref map. You get Sarge´s face reflected, his whole arm, the rest of the level, etc...
There´s another way using Portal rendering, but that´s pretty much harder.

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Guest Dream Destroyer

Omega's got a big ass thorn (his neigbors dick more than likely) up his ass.

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