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I'm a retard and need help.

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This is what i get for trying to be clever... hmph.

I registered http://www.doomse.cx yesterday. I was just expecting the set up to be simple, just point it towards my freeserve webspace (ala the setup for a dot tk) and that would be that.

No. After I registered I got an absoulute nightmare mass of webpages filled with abriviations and IP bullshit that has got me so confused I don't know where I am or what day it is.

I could really use the help of someone who has had experience with this sort of thing before and doesn't mind talkign to a total retard like me.

Thanks in advance.

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This thread belongs to Everything Else imo.
Anyway, it seems that your registar does not allow for domain redirection.
Here is what I have guessed through experience, knowing I'm in no way a network specialist (so if I'm wrong, anyone, feel free to correct me).
Usually, when you buy a domain, it is put on a list copied all over the internet that contains the corresponding DNS for each domain. When you search for a site with your browser, it gets the nearest copy of the list and reads what DNS handles the domain name. A DNS is basically a server that redirects browsers to the right location given a domain name (that way, you can have a server hosting several domains).
What you have to find is if your hosting service offers a DNS, set it up, and indicate to your registar what your host DNS address is. Then you have to wait some time, so that the information is propagated to all the copies over the internet.
I hope I was clear :/

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