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The spending spree continues!

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First of all, Deadnail, feel free to delete this post in a few days.

Anyway, my new 256mb RAM is hopefully arriving in a couple of days, meaning I'll have 384 megs total, which is pretty nice :)

I was looking on Ebay UK a couple of days ago and I saw something else. I managed to outbid everyone else and ended up buying a new 40gb hard-drive for the equivalent of about $150. That's probably a good price in the US, but here in the UK it's a f**kin' AMAZING deal, as our hardware prices are typically 120-130% of prices in the US.

I was also browsing the shops and found a really sweet leather jacket for just under $130. Very nice, especially as my other two (cheapo) coats either make me look like a trainsporter or a thug :)

I'm also planning on going to Ibiza for 10-14 days this summer (note to Americans: Ibiza is the no. 1 destination of British 18-25 year olds, and is in the same island chain as Majorica and Minorca), which will set me back at least $400. I'll have to pay this within a month.

It's at times like this that I thank god for student loans. I'll probably have to try to get a job soon though... :(

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Ok nIghtmare, I'll kill this post when it hasn't gotten any replies in a while.

Good luck on that RAM, sometimes your performance can take strange hits when you mix brands. I'm eyeballing a Duron 800Mhz system to assemble, 100% customized of course, every part got at the cheapest price available from Pricewatch.com. Of course this would happen sooner if I didn't have to pay in back taxes, and get my brakes worked on, and get new glasses, and see a dentist, and etc, and etc...

What speed is that 40 gigger huh? I spy through Pricewatch a Western Digital 30 gig 7200 rpm ATA 100 compatible drive for only $150. I'd definitely say I'd lose the ten gigs for the higher rpms.

Sorry about the prices being higher and all, Gov'nuh, but I guess that makes sense since the parts are shipped from Asia to the US, then abroad. The biggest system assembling companies are still based in Silicon Valley California are they not?

Interesting about the coat. Does this link help you out?

Just search for leather duster from Yahoo shopping and you can get some really amazing prices.

Good luck on the trip to Ibiza. Personally, the only places in the whole wide world I would want to visit would be Ireland and Washington state, US. I just have no business being anywhere else and my luck I'd end up in a crossfire over some religious bullshit.

Don't we all have to get jobs eventually? Sucks, huh? Well what're ya gonna do about it?

BTW, is there a source port compatible with Heretic/Hexen that has split screen deathmatching???

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