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Doomworld Pic of the Month

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Now *THAT* is a damn good picture! Someone playing map01 with the Plasma Rifle from Doom 64! I wonder is this is part of a project or just something someone wanted to throw together... hmm.

In any case, I hope that's what Doom 3's Plasma Rifle looks like... considering the Hyper Blaster from Quake 2 and the baby blue one from Q3A, I don't think I'll get my way...

Here's something else you might find interesting. Best Buy, nothing. Big electronic stores, nothing. Why is it that Wal-Mart always has the latest games at the lowest introductory price?

I just snagged Megaman X5 for $30 as soon as I saw it. I've already beaten it four times and I can say without reproach that this game is really bad assed.

For the first time ever... Megaman can crouch. Now there's a lot of puzzles and positioned enemies that revolve around it. It's also worth pointing out that in this one you start right off with the fully powered suit from X4! However, you need that JUST TO SURVIVE, that's how much of a challenge this is. This game is like Megaman X4 except three times harder. On the upside there are three other suits to assemble, piece by piece. One that's immune to spikes and takes half the damage... but can't use enemy weapons, and another that can't charge up enemy weapons but can fly as much as you want. Overall the game is really well balanced. Zero is back, naturally, and he's even more of a badass with powerups available to lengthen and empower his sabre.

Some new things are restrictions how much you can hop around levels with a pseudo time limit system. The Sigma virus is also all over the place, and if you're not careful, you can get infected. There's a gauge on-screen for it now. You can also choose to dump your chips into Lifebar ups (really huge) or even weapon gauge ups (why bother?).

Overall I'm impressed. This is also the first X series game to directly link them to the original series. The big blob boss that moves piece by piece is here, as well as the Dr. Wily logo, and more 'evidence' of Zero's origin... hmm.

Of course there's the hidden 'Ultimate' suits as well, although they let you punk out the last boss like he's your little bitch.

To be fair, the game has WAY too much text. They've cut the displayed text from four lines to two, and that means you can have turbo on and sit there for a good while when events happen. It's insane. The game has also had all naughty words stripped from it from what I suspect to be ISDA fear. Yes, the final boss says, "Darn!" when you kill him.

This game is also STRICTLY for X veterans. They knew it when they made it, too, it's the first Megaman game to require a training level. Wait until you try the racing level, makes X4 look like a friggin' WALK IN THE PARK.

Good, bad, now weird. There's only one single FMV on the disc I've seen. I've yet to pop it in my P3 and see if there's more movies hidden on it or anything, but still, only one movie? It's not an anime like X4 either, more CG. Funny... guess Capcom finally got proud of it's Resident Evil efforts.

Anyway, um, yeah. That's a kickass Plasma Rifle in that picture!

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What, you don't already have one? I'd say get one, you can get a remodeled Playstation ONE for $99. This new, smaller model has support for the attachable LCD screen for pseudo-portability.

I'm thinkin' 'bout gettin' another one, even though my current several year old Playstation is in perfect working order. Well, except for the gigantic Felix The Cat decal I stuck on top of the lid. =P

The problem with the N64 is lack of games.
The problem with the Dreamcast was 3rd party support.
The problem with the PS2 is availability/price.

The real problem with the PS1 right now is that it's somewhat old and underpowered. If you're too used to such things as perspective correction and bilinear filtering, you'll find it's graphics at 320x240 a bit to jaggy and... primitive for you. If you can see beyond that to it's FUCKING HUMONGOUS collection of games and a rather huge pool of diamonds in the rough...
Silent Hill...
Parasite Eve 2...
Street Fighter Alpha 3...
Resident Evil 2...
Omega Boost...
...not to mention all of the big developers (aside from Nintendo and Sega) have had at least a minor stake in PS1 development. If you saw an early gen game like Xevious 3D G+ and compared it next to a copy of Quake 2 or Thunderforce 5 you'd really see how far the system has come.

In fact, I'm thinking about getting a PS2 with no other intention than playing PS1 games on it! =)

This damn system has had whole songs devoted to it, something no other system has accomplished.

Hell, you can snag yourself a used one pretty cheap I'd bet, although I still can't picture anyone letting go of one!

Okay okay, I've been playing my PSX for a little over four years now and I'm still DAMN glad I got one. Hell, Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night is still, IMHO, the **BEST** 2D action adventure game ever made. Yes, even better than Super Metroid (although that game still holds a special place in my heart, right next to my first vodka and the chick I lost my virginity too).

Don't let me convice you of anything; if I can that means that you're too easily swayed. Instead, read around. Get some reviews and a bunch of screenshots. Get some in-game movies from review sites. See if the games you like to play are available on the thing. It's not a good system for FPS games I'll have you know. Aside from Doom (and Duke 3D and a few other miscellaneous other 2.5D clones) and Quake 2 there really aren't any on there.

Just can't do it on a system with a 75Mhz processer, 2 megs of ram and 1 meg of vram. Cést la vie.

Just as well; there's a mouse but no keyboard available.

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Guest mancuvus

personaly i like more the doom original plasma rifle, looks more realistic

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deadnail said:

In any case, I hope that's what Doom 3's Plasma Rifle looks like...

Nooooo !!! Please No !!!!!!!!!
I hate that rifle. I like the original plasmarifle. Keep it that way, or make little changes.

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Guest Dark_Fox

I agree, the old plasma rifle was great but it needs a face lift.. I really don't want to see the same old shit that I see everyday, its needs a face lift but don't change the weapon's design entirly.

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Guest ZombiZ

I loved every one of the Doom 64 weapons. Some animations were missing (shotgun reloading) but they were expertly presented. Midway definitely knew what they were doing. (Then again it could have been the 'new toy' syndrome for me- they were simply something I hadn't seen before)

Speaking of Doom 64, was Quake ][ for the N64 built on that engine? The similarities were striking to say the least.

Is MMX5 coming to PC? I worship my MMX4 and SFA 2 games for PC, load times are nill and the framerate just blows your lid!
*sigh* With modern hardware, you'd think someone would be working on some really woopass 2D games again...

Well, I must be going, and I'm afraid I have nothing to contribute to the whole Doom 3 bit, unless of course you guys want to see me huge-ass
'Doom: Legacy of the Last Space Marine' post again...

Wh.. Wait a minute! Mega Man can DUCK now!? One of the simplist aspects of 2D games and he can finally DUCK now?

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Guest ZombiZ
mancuvus said:

personaly i like more the doom original plasma rifle, looks more realistic


Have you by any chance seen any gas-plasma projectile weapons anywhere? Perhaps at those firearm trade shows all those politicians squealing about?

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Guest ZombiZ
deadnail said:

With the N64 it was a lack of GOOD games, and most of the good ones run unplayably slow, save TWINE. And if not speed, then really low resolution: Quake ][

I have an interesting story about the Playstation 2: Upon release time in California there was a line of people out side a Toys 'R' Us in some town I can't rememeber the name of. Three people involved, lined up one in front of the other. One man STABS the person in front of him for his spot in line. No one reacts. When the stabber gets close to the front of the line his friend just behind him decides to end their relationship and SHOOTS HIM IN THE BACK for HIS spot in line. Ye just can't BUY that kind of publicity...

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What are you talking about, "lack of good games"?!?! That's bullsh**!! First off, you got Goldeneye, The World Is Not Enough, San Francisco Rush 1&2, and Rush 2049! N64's also got Quake 1 and 2, and Doom 64! The Nintendo 64 has well a 120/130 games!

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