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what comp?

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What computer would you guys reccomend for me to upgrade to.

*at least 128 mb of memory
*at least a 30 gb HD
*at least 32 mb of video ram on a video CARD.
*absolutly no more than $900!(*including* a $150 allowance for a monitor).
*Processer must be above 700mhz and below 1200mhz (price goes up exponentially with speed increase and I don't like it).

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Memory: I refuse to accept less than 256.
HD: 30 sounds good.
Video: 32, but I would wait until the spring release for price drop.
Processor: 700Mhz Duron.

Check it, my man:
$56 = PC133 256 SDRam (Yes, Athlon/Duron tested!)
$95 = EIDE 30 Gig HD (One with 7200 rpms will be $119)
$79 = GeForce 2 MX
$118 = Motherboard & Duron 700 w/ fan
$116 = 17 inch monitor (anything bigger breaks your $150 limit)

All things considered I'd say go for a Thunderbird Athlon 800 which is only $99 (not including motherboard).

I'm tellin' ya, bucko, you can save a FORTUNE if you just go with the lowest bidders from pricewatch.com! This way you're not paying for bullshit software or pretty fancy cases with some asshole's logo on it. You're down to factory warranties on parts, though, and you'd better know what you're doing if you're going to assemble the whole damn thing yourself.

BTW, not gonna get a new sound card? If you do may I suggest either a Sound Blaster Live or a Phillips Acoustic Edge? Both are excellent.

$41 = Sound Blaster Live Value
$76 = Phillips Acoustic Edge (Dare I say but it's WORTH IT!)

All of these prices are current as I checked up on them while I made this post.

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