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Just for the graphics guys...

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From a Fred Nilsson interview on The Mean Arena


Kiltron: How is everything going with the new DOOM animation system? Have you and Jim Dosé figured out a great method of incorporating the new system?

Fred: We have a great pipeline in place already.. I can import a model from Lightwave or 3DSMax. Set it up with bones.. Adjust the deformations. Then export it right into the game.. We can even do cameras etc. So.. Making cinematics should be a blast..

We can get a lot of info about DooM just with this few sentences :

HINT 1 : iD went for the skeletal animation system. This is very, ver good, since it lowers the RAM specs and it gaves to each monster lots of way to move. Besides, animation blending is easy (firing while crouched and walking). The skeletal system gives you also a targeting system, not as advanced as Raven´s GHOUL based on polys, but as DNF, wich is based on targeting bones.

HINT 2 : There are cutscenes on DooM. Some of you will start bitching, but you should stay quiet about the issue, at least for awhile. They made the choice, and I don´t know why, only them does...
I don´t have problems with cutscenes, we´ll see what happens.

HINT 3 : Camera importing. A marvelous idea. Instead of creating a overcomplicated script system to handle that bitch camera on the cutscenes, iD went for a cool solution. Move the camera in 3DSMAX or Lightwave, and import those movements. Expect some freaky kick-ass looking camera movements, with features like speed, curved paths, independent target & noise (earthquakes).

HINT 4 : Support. They´re really working to help the community, they have already made a 3DSMAX AND Lightwave exporter.

This sounds good...

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No, seriously, you mean there will be cutscenes because he was talking about cinematics? I mean, english is not my native language and I may misunderstood it. But in my understanding cutscenes are movie sequences which "cut" in the gameplay, inetrrupt the self controlled action for a short while, and you usually see "yourself" (the player character) acting from a third person point of view. It´s obvious why I don´t want to have this.
But because he was talking about cinematics, isn´t this a more general meaning? The intro movie is a cinematic, and there would be no problem with it. Or they could even use some cinematic effects for scripted in-game scenes.

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He was talking about the DooM engine animation system. If you´re working on cinematics, you don´t need to export models and add bones. You just make the movie on your 3D software.

Let´s not mix cutscenes with "NPC cutscenes". A cutscene doesn´t necesarilly involve a marine talking to someone, asking for a key or something like that. Cutscenes are useful tools to let the player know what´s going on at some distance, to show the map, to give you an intro/outro for each chapter/unit, etc.

Cutscenes are engine powered, and that´s sometimes a problem, because the loading times get bigger because of all the dialog strings, the special movements and so. DooM3 cutscenes will be fantastic, since the lighting system provides some really intense sequences. Having shadows move constantly around the characters will cut the quality distance between cutscenes and cinematics.

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