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Guest ghosty

System requirement

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Guest ghosty

Hehe You PC guys can really be scared with system requirement...

It was show at the Macworld expo running on a Geforce3 and a 733 G4e (it may have been a dual processor, I hope not).
As a single 733Mhz G4e burns 1,5Ghz P4 and 1,2Ghz Athlon...let's say You'll have to change your computer when it will be released....But at this time, CPUs will probably run at 4Ghz and your graphic card be a geforce 4 or 5....

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Well, the only MUST in the requirements list is the GF3. The main core of the engine uses pixel shader as the magic hat, a feature that is deeply improved on the NV20...

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I read a comparison a while back on Yahoo that pitted a G3 against a P3 doing the same operation. The P3 finished in seven minutes and the G3 took almost 45.

Even if the POTENTIAL for superior performance is possible there's still three main problems:
1) The higher performance only shows under stringent testing, when pitted in real-world applications it does not show a major advantage in the least.
2) Everything has to be written in the same Goddamn language.
3) Currently there's almost *NO* software available for Macintosh. Funny thing about my P3, I like to do things with it, not just sit and stare at it and say, "Wow, this is so much better."

The best things Mac can do is Photoshop and movie editing, and to be quite frank a PC can handle that and a shitload more to boot.

BTW, as far as gaming is concerned it doesn't take a whole lot of anything to burn a P4. It's not a gaming processor, or really even a power processor. It's just there, being expensive.

The Thunderbird Athlons are where it's at. It doesn't cost near as much as a Mac and at least I can do things with it. I'm not mentioning Linux because I want an OS, not a hobby.

Oh, and if you're curious, I saw MUCH better performance in Quake 2 on a PC than a Mac with the same system, Voodoo 3 and all a while back. Explain that one.

GeForce 4's, or perhaps a new acronym like MaximumForce or ZippyBastard, will probably come out in the fall. Spring and fall are the video card seasons.

Man, can't believe I forgot this. A Pentium 233 with a GeForceII GTS 64 will run Quake 3 better than a Pentium III 800 with a Voodoo 2. At this stage in gaming most of what you see is actually performed by the video card, not the processor, thanks to nVidia lightening the load with the dawn of the GPU. It's not even as if it matters whether or not it DID have a few kickass processors in it, almost all of the work done was performed by the video card and NOT the system. That's the difference between hardware accelleration and software rendering.

Oh, and at the end of the video... did he say that the whole damn system would be $600 or should it be implied that the GeForce 3 is going to be REDICULOUSLY priced?

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