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Zaldron........... Read this !!

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This one day, I was looking for deadnail's site, but I couldn't remember the address... So i typed in "Deadnail" on Altavista.com

And what the heck? I saw links to doomworld.
So I did the same with "Maonth, "Clone999" and "Disorder" and again links to doomworld.com appeared. Cool huh?

Well, back to the topic now.
I would like to ask Zaldron for his help. He knows a lot about lighting and stuff. I would like to ask you, Zaldron, for your opinion about what you saw in the new doom-movie. Could you please explain some stuff to us. And please tell us what the advantages and disadvantages might be from the technics ID is using............. I think I'm not the only one here asking for some handy info. :)

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My site isn't on a search engine. I also rated with RSAC and chose the most vile setting for each one. =)

The success of a game requires:
1) Good graphics [check]
2) Good audio [nin/sm, either way check]
3) Good gameplay [q3a? can't check this yet]

Some games with all of the above have succeeded without a storyline, such as Quake 2. Some games have had great storylines but failed one of the departments listed above and failed miserably. Star Ocean 2 comes to mind. If you own a Playstation you owe it to yourself to buy that game NOW! =)

80 damn endings... yeesh!

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