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About Final Doom, Doom 64 and the novels

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Neither of these are Doom 3 because, just like the novels, they are not part of the "official" Doom universe and it's storyline.

The only two games that are part of the Doom storyline are of course Doom 1/Ultimate Doom (and even then E4 doesn't seem to fit in all that well) and Doom 2.

And one last thing. ID will NOT be calling the Doom guy "Taggart" in the new game. We know this for a fact because:

a) Carmack and most of the rest of ID _hate_ the novels. Look up some old .plans if you don't believe me.

b) Doom guy is called simply Doom in Quake 3: Arena. Or maybe it's Phobos. I don't actually have the full version of Q3:A, but I know it's one of them.

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Right, and I hope the newbies will notice it and keep it in mind for quite a time.

Phobos is an afro-american with orange spacemarine outfit.

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Lord FlatHead said:

In Quake III Arena he was indeed called just Doom, and there was a second version of this model (with yellow armor) called Phobos.

Crash too! Crash is blue!



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