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DooM Interview

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Draw your own conclusions. This is pretty much what we already knew, but there´s some interesting clues about the storyline.

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DR: Is it based on the Q3A engine, a modified version of that engine or an entirely new engine?

JD: It's a completely new engine. During the early parts of the development, the "scaffolding" of the Q3A has remained in place to allow us to keep the game working while systems are replaced, but the major code that defines what the engine is and is capable of is completely new. Rendering, collision detection, modeling/animation, game code, physics, sound and networking are all being completely written from scratch.

........networking is being rewritten too? Hmm.

DR: Is it safe to assume that the emphasis will be on the single-player game? By that, I mean is there anything beyond basic CTF and DM planned for multiplayer?

JD: Right now the focus is on making a great single-player experience. Plans for multiplayer are pretty much up in the air right now.

........okay, so he admits networking is being included but multiplayer hasn't been decided. They know, it's the suspense that gets us. Fuck, I just played zDaemon co ops for the last... um, Jesus Christ five hours and well, I want co op back. =)

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Well I have to give zDaemon a hearty thumbs up!

It has one big advantage over c/s Doom... it's playable over a modem. =)

Sure, it's got OODLES of lag and crashes every now and again but it's still pretty damn fun. I just wish that there were more servers, or that I had some sort of high speed internet so I could host my own from time to time.

Goddamn... it's been YEARS since I've co opped for hours on end like that! My eyes hurt...

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deadnail said:

Coop in Doom 3...

/me drools

That´s like playing some kind of HIGHLY interactive sci-fi movie. If id pulls out a great storyline, the recording of DooM3 being beated in coop should become one of the greatest machinima of all time.

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