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Lord FlatHead

We have underestimated id.

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I get the idea, especially after seeing the Macworld movie and reading the latest interview with Jim Dose, that we've been underestimating id for a long time.

When Doom 3 was first announced, everyone just assumed it was going to be like Quake 3 Arena, but with Doom's weapons and Monsters. Nah, we've got (!!SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION!!) Reborn for that. We started quibbling about trivial stuff like secondary fire modes, but now it seems id are way beyond all that.

In-game cutscenes with advanced camera movement, a complex scripting system, a 'very interesting' storyline that 'dwarfs anything id have ever done' (according to Dose)... it seems id have finally grown up.

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I congrat id´s efforts. They want to make a worthy succesor of the game that started it all. I hope they pay NO attention to those old-school comments and demands, if they BELIEVE that System Shock-esque gameplay is better for D3, then DO IT.

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Guest Employee 2-4601

What do you mean with "System Shock-esque gameplay"?
The relatively fast story telling by audio logs and E/V-Mails?
Or just the brilliant mix between Action/Thinking?

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