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Many People will not like this post.......

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This will not go down well with many people..................
But I do NOT GIVE A FUCK! I am pissed off!

Those recent school fucking shootings!

It seems that every couple of FUCKING WEEKS, some American twit decides to believe that Kenny does not die,or that Eminem actually wants his fans to kill themselves.....Fuck......what is it with you American fuckers, is it compulsory to kill atleast 2 people in a life time? Fucking hell, if I had my way, I would drop a Nuke on your frigging country!!! You people PISS ME OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Americans)

Feel Free to flame me,
I do NOT CARE!!!

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Guest Stickman

If I had an award, or a trophy, I'd give you one. Excellent speech.

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i'd say that's a fairly accurate description of life in this country...can't pinpoint exactly why, though. it's pretty fucked up...

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We just had two in a row. One teenage boy killed as many as he injured and the very next day a chick shot her friend in the shoulder.

What is wrong with this? Well, educational standards in the US have been dropping at a consistant rate for the last 60 years (thank you very much, Liberals). A bigger problem is stupid people's access to firearms. Gun law prosecutions have dropped over three quarters since Clinton took office... Bush has a lot of shit he needs to sort out that the fucker left messed up.

It's also worth noting that school violence, on the whole, has gone way done in the last couple of decades... it's just now tending to be a bit more fatal (even though there are less shootings).

Kids aren't allowed to own pistols or even repeating rifles, so where do they get them? Neighbors? Uncle's house? Their own parents? Weapons are supposed to be kept under lock and key, in fact, failing so is often a misdemeanor in many areas.

Jesus Christ, the Columbine kids had pipebombs sitting on their clothesdresser in plain view! Where the hell were their parents? How did they get access to the pistol, the two shotguns and the rifle? Didn't anyone care they were breaking bottles in their garage a few days straight just for shrapnel?

People like to blame Doom. It will pass.

People used to like blaming He-Man and She-Ra, those EVIL pagan cartoons that led children away from Christ. It passed.

People also used to believe that slapstick comedies caused adults to kill each other. That passed too.

No one wants to accept any responsibility for their own actions. Oh, it can't be *OUR* fault, the school, for failing to educate this kid. It can't be *OUR* fault for letting psychological abuse happen to him for years on end.

What about the parents? Why do they always skirt away unscathed? Oh, it can't be *THEIR* fault for not locking up dangerous weapons. It can't be *THEIR* fault if they don't pay attention to their children and just let video games and TV raise them.

This problem could EASILY go away but no one wants it to. Thousands of people just disappear in China every day but no one gives a fuck. When it happens around here all the 'tradgedy counselors' can rush to the school to help all the innocents, all the media gets to work late and feed their children by interviewing the janitor, and the President gets to pretend to care and do something about it.

Here are the big reasons it happens:
Problem: Shitty education, in school and in home.
Solution: Fix the budget hole in the Education system (all the money Clinton threw at it just 'vanished'), and what about parents actually being parents? Young boys don't become men from the ten second bit of info at the end of every G.I. Joe episode.

I sound like I'm oversimplifying a grandiose problem but at the whole heart of the fucking matter this is what it is. Parents need to scold, punish, frighten, and intimidate as well as educate. I know I know, it's just so HARD when compared to sticking them in front of a TV. Well, maybe you should've thought about that before you got pregant at 16.

Problem: Easy access to firearms.
Solution: This is fucking illegal to begin with! Why don't we just start fucking enforcing the gun laws instead of making new ones just to cover the slack? If they haven't enforced gun laws over the last 8 years why would they start now with the new laws, huh? Goddammit shit like this pisses me off. If Clinton would have DONE HIS FUCKING JOB this wouldn't be the core of the issue but prosecutions of gun law violators have dropped insanely over the last eight years!

Simple math:
Angst filled stupid kid with shotgun = Innocent people die
Angst filled stupid kid with no shotgun = Nothing

Jesus Christ, if I had a gun and a kid I'd make DAMN sure to keep it locked up.

Oh, and I don't want to hear all the typical rhetoric BULLSHIT I hear when I go on a tyrade like this:

Q) How does a gun make you 'safer'?
A) It doesn't. 2 million Americans kill defend their homes every year from intruders with legally owned firearms so you've obviously been lied to.

Q) If you own a gun odds are it's going to kill a family member.
A) A lie, most gun owners keep them locked away (and gun locks are titanium; can't be drilled or picked). 99.8% of all legally owned firearms will never be used in a crime. And as for your kid killing himself or a friend with it, your child is more likely to die from falling off of his bicycle.

Q) Wouldn't this whole problem go away if they just removed the guns?
A) Absolutely not. In areas where guns have been removed from honest citizens crime rates have skyrocketed and that's been proven A HUNDRED TIMES in the last century. Start enforcing current gun laws then we'll talk because, truth be told, if it can be done without sacrificing everyone's safety from criminals I'm all for it.

New York is a fine example. It was a SHITHOLE some years back, until Rudy took office. What did he do? Pushed the cops hard until they cleaned the shit up.

It's also worth mentioning that Hitler's first real act as a leader was to disarm the public. Then he marched 9 million people to their deaths. This isn't the only example, either, it's happened over a dozen times in the last century.

People just refuse to learn from history.

Q) But what about Britian?
A) I applaud Britian wholeheartedly. Unfortunately guns are more entrenched here than they ever were there so there's going to be some very deep changes made before we can embrace a national disarming (which I don't even see possible, truth be told).

Goddammit, I did it again. Whoops! Oh well. What do I know? I'm just another dirty pig dog American.

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It sounds a bit as if you want to blame Clinton for the whole thing, but isn´t the problem much older?

It´s hard to say why there are this problems in US, what you say about the educational standarts may be a part of it, and maybe also a lack of social safety? But I don´t know much about the US society.

What I think is also a part of the problem, is a bigger acceptance of violence in the american society, at least compared to the (western) european society. This starts with censorship and ends with the death penalty. In US, sex related contents in movies etc. get a very strict censorship (which seems ridiculous from the european point of view), but extremely violent content, which would get censored in Europe, is allowed and accepted.
And death penalty? A country that kills his citizens (although normally only criminal citizens) promotes murder as a usefull way to solve problems, in my opinion.

But I don´t mean to blame the Americans to be extraordinary violent people, Lord Baztard almost acts like a little rascist here.

BTW, your argument that Hitler disarmed the public almost sounds as if firearms would be a sign of freedom or what? Hitler of course has done that to kill all the resistance. But at the same time a militarisation of the whole country started, in the end even children were forced to use weapons to die a "heroic" death.

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deadnail said:

If I remember history class, it is stated in the American declaration of independence that every American may carry a weapon to defend himself with. I think this, coupled with simple nationalism, is why gun ownership is so predominant in the ol' US of A.

I personally am 16 years old and live in Belgium (pig capital of the world !) and must say I don't know of any folks my age carrying dangerous weapons, let alone guns or pipebombs. Ocassionaly some fucked up geeza slices up a teacher with a potato knife or three kids gang-rape their geography teacher, though there haven't been any shootings.

And in happier news, weed has just been legalized over here ! All hail me and my stoned, non-violent school compadres !

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Tetzlaff said:

I had something to say to you, Flatty, but I forgot. Oh yeah, YOU LUCKY FUCK! =)

Crime, on the whole, has gone done since Clinton took office but violent crime prosecutions have gone way down too. Yes, I do blame him... Reagan and Bush Sr. punished criminals, I guess I just got used to that.

US Society is a lot more complicated than people give it credit for. Violence has been ground into us since day one... unless parents choose to raise their kids. TV, video games, it's all 100% violence. When I was 14 there were a LOT of people I'd gladly kill, and truth be told I could've gotten my hands around a gun too. I knew it was wrong, though, and that's what I think these little bastards lack. Education. Simple basic fucking morality. Whatever your stance on religion you must admit that at least it teaches morality!

I'll agree, violence is way too accepted around here. We hear about torture and atrocious living conditions in China and Mexico but we do nothing about it. We're a bit like Russia in that xenophobic sense... unless it directly hurts us we usually just let it go on. We have the infastructure and monetary resources to make the whole world live a decent, clean life. It may not have cable TV but Jesus Christ, at least people won't starve or be tortured.

How many 12 - 21 year olds are dying in Africa because of AIDS right now? 40%? 50%? Too fucking many, that's for sure. People having kids young is a major contributor to the problem, because young people simply don't have the life experience to be as good parents as older people... instilling morality should be job #1 of parents, second (maybe) to education and protection.

Organized religion is a double edged sword too. I like the missionary work and how they help people, but I dislike the way they shove Christianity right down people's throats. Bible = Food. That's messed up.

Most murderers don't get the death penalty. Plea bargaining down to manslaughter only bids a 20 year sentence with parole possible in 7. Only the most fucked up people get it, definitely beyond the shadow of a doubt the people that deserve it. Terrorists, assassins, mass murderors... and keep in mind, every one of our 50 states has it's own judicial system. We don't have executions in Michigan (but we do in Indiana and that's only half an hour from my front door).

Further about Hilter and disarming...
Don't forget that the British tried to disarm us before the revolutionary war started. We wouldn't stand for that, it would mean the same abuse and pillagry could just keep on going. Fuck that, we defended ourselves from an oppresive regime. And won.

Well, Hitler's Mein Kampf (sp? fuck it) clearly states how he would like to eradicate certain groups of people long before he came into power. Hell, even the Pope of the time said that he was a great and noble leader (well, before he started the holocaust anyway).

He knew what he wanted to do, kill off the Jews.
It's just a lot more LOGICAL that if you're going to erase a certian group of people that you should disarm them in any way possible.

Hey, if you're going to kill all the Jews you don't want them holing together inside of buildings RETURNING FIRE, do you? Of course you don't, you want to force and abuse them into line to make everything easier on yourself... with LESS RISK.

LESS RISK. Fear. Cowardice. The Jews scared Hitler so damn much he felt the only way to be safe was to just fucking eradicate them. I still don't get that, and truth be told I don't want to. Anyone who isn't Aryan Prodistant is the 'enemy'?

Well, I'm half Indian Christian. Looks like I'm the enemy too.

BTW, I'm not playing down Hitler's treatment of homosexuals or the Polish either, it's just that 6 mil of the 9 mil he killed were Jewish.

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You are very right I do not like your post.

Lets blame every one except the kid for pulling the trigger! Lets blame all of society for one terrible mistake made by a dad. Nobody wants this. Shit happens.
My condolences to the families.

As for the ones who dare to tell us how to live. 42 kids blew up in China. Why, well read the newspaper. I do not see anyone mouthing of there. In fact, the Europe chickens suggest not to bad mouth China, they may get angry. What a bunch of hypocrites.

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I understand your frustration, and I sympathize, but I must urge you to not take it personally. The world has been run by the same 5% of elite fuckholes since day one: the wealthy. That's the way it's been for the last 4000 years and that's the way it's always going to be.

One man, especially a Proletariat (sp?), is never going to change corruption on such a grand scale.

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Sorry Deadnail for blowing up. I am active on a few forums and am tired to hear ugly America. I love games and America. I am a German immigrant and choose to live here on my own free will.
From now I will not to take it personal. ;)

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deadnail said:

I don't want to get into the whole moral values discussion here, though I think in general America is too conservative on many issues (well, that's the image I'm getting). The classic example we hear over here is : "In America you can drive a car with a shotgun in the backseat at the age of eighteen, as long as you don't have an open alcohol container in the car with you."

Weed has been legal in Holland for years now (remember the opening conversation of Pulp Fiction between John Travolta and Samuel L Jackson) and Belgium is finally catching up. The funny thing is, you're allowed to own it, buy it and smoke it in public, though it IS still illegal to sell it.

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You can drive a car with a shotgun, provided you legally own it and can prove it. It can't be loaded however, the only state that allows that is Texas (as far as I know, and they are 10x looser with gun regulation than the rest of the country). In fact in most states the only way to legally transport your pistol is in the trunk with the bullets in the glovebox. It was just recently made legal in some parts of Texas to carry a loaded pistol in the car (In God's name, why would you want to?).

BTW, legal drinking age in the USA is 21, not 18. Getting caught with an open container when your only 18 is pretty damn harsh, I saw a kid get handcuffed over it.

As for weed, well, we treat weed dealers WORSE than we treat killers and that's a Goddamn fact. Hell, it's a mandatory 20 years imprisonment for every state line you cross with intent to sell. 20 fuckin' years! A guy I know just went up for 40 years because of it. 40 fucking years. His whole life is now *GONE* because he sold weed. That's messed up.

Hell, just possession of methadone (? I think this is the one, it's like LSD but with fewer side effects [I'm not big into drugs]) is 10 years a hit!!! 10 years mandatory (federal law) a hit!!!

I was rollin' with this guy I met in South Bend, IN for a while, club hopping, and he got pulled over for speeding. In the Goddamn front seat was a whole SHEET of the shit! 100 fuckin' hits! If he would've been caught with the shit it'd be a mandatory 1000 year sentence.

You know what he did? He rolled it up and stuffed into his bottle of Dasani. The stuff evaporates when it touches water... totally gone, even drinking the water afterwards is safe (what I hear, anyway). You can't carry it in your wallet, your sweat will destroy it. Man, that woulda sucked... havin' to get a ride from the cops back to my car across town. ;)

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So you want to wipe out like 300 million people because there are like 4 freaks that shot people in their schools?

Yeah, that´s a wise solution to the problem...

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May I ask what country you're from? If you ever see me on the street, run, because you will have one pissed off American on your ass. You just flamed a whole lotta people for no reason at all. Murrr

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And while we're at it, let's nuke every country that holds a world cup soccer final.

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Lord FlatHead said:

If I remember history class, it is stated in the American declaration of independence that every American may carry a weapon to defend himself with. I think this, coupled with simple nationalism, is why gun ownership is so predominant in the ol' US of A.

I personally am 16 years old and live in Belgium (pig capital of the world !) and must say I don't know of any folks my age carrying dangerous weapons, let alone guns or pipebombs. Ocassionaly some fucked up geeza slices up a teacher with a potato knife or three kids gang-rape their geography teacher, though there haven't been any shootings.

And in happier news, weed has just been legalized over here ! All hail me and my stoned, non-violent school compadres !

Pig capital of the world? Your sure gonna suffer when foot and mouth hits your shores :)

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Stickman said:

If I had an award, or a trophy, I'd give you one. Excellent speech.

Look Sorry everyone, I was very annoyed last night
Every couple of weeks (it seems) some wacko blows his schoolmates away (in america and worldwide admittedly) however what got me started is the fact that when this happens, the government kick up a stink about how things have to be stopped, then about a month later the whole think sinks into the background, like it never happened! This pisses me off, another factor is the that instead of pointing the finger at the parents, Games, Movies and drugs are blamed, (someone else mentioned this) This is rubbish! I have watched all sorts of movies where people die and games as well, so have millions of others, but we don't go and kill anyone. It is complete and utter bullshit!!

Also someone called me a racist. No I am not, I do have problems with America, Which is why I am glad I do NOT to live in America!

I am an Australian!!(To those that have never heard of it, look at the very, very, very, bottom of the world map)

I know I did piss people off, and I do admit that these whackos are a minority, but it should NOT Happen! I blame Government assholes. Deadnail is right: The world is governed by rich pricks, who use the population for their own gains, and do not care about the rest of the world, but we can do nothing about it, because of red tape, it is crap.

But the whole point of this overly long letter is to apologise to any one I offended.

Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry

That is all

<Guy walks into room, puts straightjacket on me and drags me back to my cage>

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Guest cHOWyunFATAL

Wargh...i just wrote some stupid shit........sorry...
(grabs a pencil and writes down...)

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You know, even if 1 kid a week went postal, there are ALOT more people who are decent, would never do something so stupid, and are law abiding members of society. All these people deserve to die because of some stupid motherfuckers who couldnt take the emmotional stress of being a teen? The way you act your obviously one yourself, and need to think before you post or say something so stupid. If thats your honest opinion, I feel sorry for you but there isnt much I can say or do, I'm just posting this with hopes you take the time to think a little more about what you just said.

P.S. Nuke the U.S. and you can say goodbye to playing Doom 3 ever, many of your favorite games are probably made by Americans, either that or Asians, but there would be no Duke or Doom, and by the way, those games do not cause people to go postal, you have to have something wrong with you in the first place to actually do something like that.

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Dear Fuck!!!!!!!!!

What post did you read???

I never said that doom games made people go postal!!
I said that there is some queer fucks that believe that kenny doesn't actually die and eminem wants his fans to kill themselves, which is not true, what pissed me off was that it happenned so often, mostly in america, thats why I exploded.

In a later reply to this post I said that Millions of us played violent games and watched violent movies, but did NOT kill anyone!!!

Christ! Is English your native language or cant you fucking read??????

Troubled teen?? Me?? Judging by your reply you are more troubled than me!! Christ. I do not explode that often!
Except for this reply.

Either Fuck OFF or learn to fucking read!!

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"Dear Fuck!!!!!!!!!!"

Excellent beginning, we were all anxious to read your clear and concise thoughts after an intro like that.

"In a later reply to this post I said that Millions of us played violent games and watched violent movies, but did NOT kill anyone!!!"

Again with the exclamation marks... hmph. Well, truth be told Doom is still the highest selling PC game of all time. The naysayers have attempted to link the game to what... half a dozen crimes? With six million copies sold? Yes, that's a very clear link. By those numbers and logic alone you can deduce that there were completely insane people who played Doom and didn't commit crimes.

"Christ! Is English your native language or cant you fucking read??????"

He misinterpreted your message. It happens; grow up.

"Either Fuck OFF or learn to fucking read!!"

Sounds like someone needs a big bottle of the happy juice. Calm the hell down, bucko, is a public BBS really any place to get emotional? You should feel embarrassed.

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Cyberdemon Lord said:

Should it be accepted?

Being new I speak only for myself. NO
See his latest outbursts.

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Guest UAC stockholder

Dude, what the fuck is your problem? What the fuck do you care? ITS IN FUCKING AMERICA! i would'nt give a sit and a half about anything that happens in whatever backwards 3rd world shithole YOU live in. Its not like school shootings are gonna affect your agenda in your country.

BTW, the government will never make violent video games illegal because some physcotic nut shoots a couple of kids.

On a related topic you know the kids that opend fire in colmbine
made DooM levels and were people like you and me? (mostly you)
And look at us (you guys) we don't plot out school shootings, at least I don't...

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