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Guest grundelboy


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Guest grundelboy

The following is E-mail's from myself and Mr. Carmak, concerning doom3.

Dear Mr. Carmack You don't know me and in all likelihood you are'nt even reading this. But I'm very interested in the doom 3 project. And I also have a lot of time on my hands at the moment.
I was wondering about the current progress of the project and the over all " scoop " as it were.
Also I was concerned about your web site. I could find no mention of the doom 3 project and was curious to see if it was still under-way or if it had been scrapped. I hope this is not the case. Seeing as how I could get no valid information one way or the other about the project I figured I would go directly to the man himself.
Thank you for your time.

Mr. Robert Grundel
- A fan till the end. -
From: John Carmack <johnc@idsoftware.com> Save Address - Block Sender
To: "bob grundel" <grundelboy@hotmail.com> Save Address
Subject: Re: Inquiry from a fan.
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2001 20:14:17 -0600
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We are a LONG way from having a product, so I encourage people to just not
worry about it this year...

John Carmack

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Guest Matt PmRd

Something must be wrong with John...
Replying... eheheh

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I asked once to their Webmaster about the homepage. They´re remaking it. I guess they´re waiting to have something solid about DooM 3 before showing it to the masses.

Anyone remember how many times id revamped the site? I remember the "id beast" homepage, where they had the Icon of Sin as the mainpage.

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Guest Kite
Lord FlatHead said:

Pretty much an affirmation of what we already knew, though... YOU GOT MAIL BY JOHN CARMACK !!! Can I touch you ? Please ?

If You really want touch someone try with yourself:
You can e-mail John too and even get a reply. Reviewing my mail to him and his replys I can said only one thing: John replyes only on strict and complete questions (not like: "How is the weather today?")

Anywhere, this forum about Doom3, not about Carmack relations with funs (it's grate that he replyes, but someone forgot the MAIN thing). Doom3 won't be ready THIS YEAR.
It means, that besides of demonstration Doom3demo on MacWorld, they are (idSoft) still haven't clean product.
I think it's due to new complicated engine (hardware is still not ready to carry on realtime photorealistic render) and level editing (the game isn't only the engine!).

Still, all of as have a hope in our hearts, that Domm3 will be done.

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