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Types of FPS

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Game : Doom, serious sam, quakes...
Interactive story : Half-life....
Simulator : Counterstrike....

There ya go. This is why doom can't really be compared to halflife\counterstrike. That's why ppl never agree if Q3 or CS is the best multiplayer FPS, they're not the same. The word FPS is way too overused.
I really hope doom3 remains a game and none of the other types.

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Guest Dark_Fox

Doom3 should be Half-life like hybrid if you want the deep invovling gameplay.

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# Brainless shooters : DooM, Serious Sam, etc...

> Story/Plot : NONE
> Puzzles : PRIMITIVE

# "Modern" FPS : Quake, Unreal, etc...

> Story/Plot : MODEST
> Enemies : GOOD AI - LOTS

# Story Driven FPS : Shogo, Half-Life, STV:EF, etc...

> Story/Plot : INMERSIVE
> Enemies : SHARP AI - NORMAL
> Puzzles : VARIED

# Puzzle oriented FPS : Hexen, Wheel of Time, etc

> Story/Plot : ENOUGH
> Enemies : GOOD AI - NORMAL

# Action/RPG FPS : System Shock, Deus Ex, etc...

> Story/Plot : INMERSIVE
> Enemies : VARIED - NORMAL
> Puzzles : VARIED

# Simulation FPS : RB6, SWAT3, Thief. etc...

> Story/Plot : MISSION BASED
> Enemies : SHARP - FEW
> Puzzles : VARIED

I guess id´s aiming to something worth of the story-driven FPS tab...

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Guest Aradiel

The monsters in Doom aren't that stupid. I've had monsters chase me from one end of the level to another, especially on Nightmare. They will even ambush you from behind if you're looking the wrong way.

But of course, they aren't the best of the AI enemies ever anyways :)

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In my opinion the're always trying to go the shortest way to the
position of the player. If there is no way, they are walking a
little bit around.....

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