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Carmack on Directx 8

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Taken from Voodooextreme:

Carmack on DX8 12:08 PM (your time) - Robert "Apache" Howarth - Software: Microsoft - (6)

Billy fired off a question ("Do you feel it's a big improvement over DirectX7? In what ways, do you think they (MS) have really excelled? What is lacking?") to id Software's supra-genius programmer John Carmack about Direct X 8.0. Here's what the man had to say on the matter:

DX8's biggest benefit has been in forcing vendors to a minimum level of compatibility with the new features. Instead of allowing each vendor to have a different list of "cap bits", they just required complete compatibility for each broad functional area.

Now, that did wind up benefiting Nvidia the most, because they had the largest hand in the API definition, forcing everyone else (that is left) to adapt.

The worst aspect is that the pixel shaders aren't nearly as flexible as the purport to be, but that is more the fault of the current hardware than the API.

John Carmack

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Guest Dark_Fox

Uh.. big words hurt Krunk's Head..

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