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Picture of id guys, day 4

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Today, we have a picture of Todd Hollenshead at his desk:

Also, we have a picture of Tim Willits, Paul Steed, and Kevin Cloud standing near the Q3 bus:

We also have Kenneth Scott near his desk drawing something:

Here we see Todd Hollenshead himself:

Some more pics of id guys (some are not there today):



http://www.gamespot.com/features/btg-q3/main_office.html (the desk of Donna)

http://www.gamespot.com/features/btg-q3/carmack_office.html (old office of course as everyone's else here)






(conceptual drawings for Quake III Arena maps)




http://www.gamespot.com/features/btg-q3/paul_map_on_paper.html (The Quake III bots had to maneuver through maps such as this one, first developed on paper by Paul Jaquays)


http://www.gamespot.com/features/btg-q3/todd_kevin.html (Todd Hollenshead and Kevin Cloud discuss last minute details about Quake III's gameplay)

These are not all the pictures!
More pictures as well as a very intresting article can be found here:

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He´s at Verant now, right?

John Cash was on Blizzard... Romero and Hall at ION. Shawn Green´s at ION too, or at least he was there.

American´s on Rogue...

Steed´s on WildTangent, Anna Kang at Fountain-something-

Who am I missing?

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Why does everybody has a :

1) Stupid little puppet on their monitors.

2) Organic garbage.

3) Massive monitors more thicker than wider/longer.

4) Some kind of fetish with 120% covered desks.

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Look at the first on of Kenneth Scott again (third one down). He's got porn running in the background...he's not even hiding it.

Well, anyways these pics have been a boost to my self-confidence: even rich people can be nerds (and not just geeky nerds like bill gates, but cool nerds who listen to NIN and spent hours playing games...just like me)!

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He´s creating the skin of the Q3 model Razor, he´s using the white skin of the chick as reference for the skin of the model. Besides, he´s checking if the muscles he draw match with a real arm.

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Zaldron said:

He´s at Verant now, right?

I have no clue, I don't even know who he is and never knew he even worked at id. His picture just rules.

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Guest Matt PmRd

if you look at john cash's monitor youll see... quake 3 code!!

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Lord FlatHead said:

Hey ! Who gave you permission to steal my topic ?

Sorry, but I couldn't do it in any other way!

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