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Idea For Different types of Powered Armor

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With this idea, Multiplayer gets a little depth. I guess this idea would only be good for Multiplayer, and not Singleplayer, because it creates classes. Well here's my idea

Yellow Power Armor - Light Armor, faster run speed, higher jump, is equiped with jumpjets (could be sustained flight, or something similar to the jump boots in Unreal Tourny, but uses energy), inclusion of on board drug administers (can inject a variety of drugs, one could increase speed another could increase weapon acurracy however use of drugs is limited and could result in losses in health) , not able to carry as much weapons as other types of Armor

Green Armor - Middle Class Armor, med speed, med jump, inclusion of enhanced imageing modes (perhaps light enhancement, enemy finder, and possibly auto targeter mode) ofcourse these modes would use up some kind of energy bar that would regenerate, able to carry more weapons and ammo than yellow armor, and a cloaking device that makes u partially invisible (uses up energy though).

Blue Armor - Heavy Class Armor, slow movement, low jump, ablity to carry certain weapons in both arms due to increased strength (but uses energy when done), able to carry all availble weapons and more ammo than Green Armor, targeting computer (increases acuracy to certain weapons, via a lead indicator perhaps, but uses energy)

I think this will make the game's multiplayer aspect much deeper. Mindless deathmatch, without classes could be in there too, but this is a great alternative IMO, and please don't say that this isn't doom, times change, and things need just a little depth now and then.

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hey, how come the armor ownly protects the chest?
Shit!! why dont they make armor with cups, face armor, or how about armor that protects you from buttpackers? Like butt plugs? Or how about nose plugs, cus dead things stink!

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Come to think of it...I wish I had thought of that!

But yeah...that would probably balance out two aspects:

1. Different players with different skills
2. Abilities of the player would be a choice between, or some middle ground between: the player having increased fighting ability (i.e. more/heavier guns) versus increased mobility (long running endurance, inhuman leaps).

I'd still like to see the type of deathmatch where everybody gets a super shotgun, a mega-armor and goes at it, and see who wins based on skill.

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Lengis said:


How about have powered armor like a powershield, except it only provides protection against energy weapons? It could complement the regular anti-projectile armor, for example, have it as an add-on to regular armor. It could be in the form of armor shards you attach to the exterior of the armor to increase your resistance to energy weapons up to, say, 40%. By attaching them on the outside, though, they could get damaged and decrease your energy resistance. It is a partially borrowed idea from Quake 2, I guess.


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