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The Unknown

Zaldron one little question only

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do you think my PC can handel doom 3 whit out a geforce3 card?i have only a duron 800 whit 256 megabyte sdram and a geforce2 mx card?

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If you said "GeForce 2 ULTRA" I would have replied "Yes, but you´ll have to lower the texture sizes and possibly deactivate the bumpmaps. Nothing higher than 640x480, tough"

But the MX series of GeForce are toned down chipsets. While they have almost the same set of features, their raw data processing is severely lower. DooM 3´s needs a kickass card because :

a) It needs pixel shaders and Dot3 bumpmapping. Only available in modern cards.

b) It needs a powerful GPU to make the calcs.

"B)" is your problem here. DooM 3´s gonna calculate the lighting value for EACH pixel of the screen. This is a repetitive and monotonous task performed by a loop. The speed to finish this loop once (a frame of animation) depends on the processing speed.

My advice, your machine´s pretty much right. 256 MB will be even higher than the minimum, the Duron´s not a strong point but for Q3/4 2002 you can EASILY buy a 1.5 GHZ processor. You´ll need the GF3 in about 8 months more, wich is the minimum before we start seeing GF3-powered games. In 8 months prices won´t drop drastically from $500, but you can always sell your MX.

If you´re willing to suffer a bit, and wait for 12 to 18 months, you should be able to get the GF3 at $200.

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Guest Tonx
Zaldron said:

wow.. how do You know all this stuff.. ?

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