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Hey, here's an idea!!

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I bet none of you guys have thought of this: How about, if you have full ammo for a weapon like the Chaingun, and you see another Chaingun, how about instead of just walking over it, why not pick it up and use it as a second weapon? Two Pistols, two Chainguns, two Plasma Rifles, two BFGs. Of course, it wouldn't work with weapons like the Shotgun or SSG. Oh yeah, and it would cut down on your ammo supply. But it would be good to see something like this in Doom3.

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DooMBoy said:

I bet none of you guys have thought of this

You underestimate us, my friend. Anyway, a number of signs point to Doom 3 being a wee bit more realistic than the originals, so I think you can rule out the idea of double chainguns.

Did I mention it's a beautiful day ?

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hehe, got to admit these weapon idea posts get pretty goofy. =)
Heck, even if a low gravity Martian environment would allow you to "carry" two oversized chainguns, you still need two hands just control a large gun when you fire it.

Besides, whenever someone talks about running around with two huge death cannons, or hitting some guy right between the eyes while firing from the hip, it reminds me of Duke Nukem.=P

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