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Lord FlatHead

God, this is killing me :)

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Since a bunch of you have been discussing serious Stephen Hawking-esque physics stuff lately, I thought this was appropriate :


Jesus Christ, I'm still laughing my ass off with this thing =)

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Guest CRiZ

HAHA! That can't possibly be taken seriously.

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Usually, if you don't like the sound of your voice, you take elocution lessons, though you could just shut up.

But if you're Stephen Hawking, you get a software developer to find you a new accent.

Hawking isn't keen on the American accent generated by the computer attached to his wheelchair, but after a visit to India, he has agreed on a software upgrade and is ready to pick a new accent, which may include emotional inflections and a wider and faster vocabulary.

Theoretically, by blending voice tones, he may be able to find a voice that is similar to that he had before it was taken from him by a tracheotomy.

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